Dont Tell Ask

If you coach others or you need to encourage change or if you need to change yourself, the key is to use questions. Lead others to their own insight or your advice may fall on deaf ears. You know the saying, "you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make them drink." Part of the reason is, asking questions puts people into a more receptive state. When people have their own "ah has" it actually creates an emotional link. This helps the insight stick. The key of course is to ask the right questions.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

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Worst Things First

This a practice I learned long ago and it's actually helpful whether it's day to day or building software. It's doing worst things first. Rather than save a hurdle to the end, do it up front when you're you're strongest.
Scale Yourself as a One-Man Band

This is a post about how to scale yourself as a “one-man band” to flow more value, get more things done, and free up more time for yourself.
Quick and Dirty Getting Things Done

If you're backlogged and you want to get out, here's a quick, low tech, brute force approach. I've used it on my teams many times...

Book Reviews

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, or just act like one, Bill Schley can show you how in his book, The Unstoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power. This books puts lessons from the world's greatest masters on fear, risk, failure, and innovation-on-the-fly, right at your fingertips. And, you can use the six rule sets that make entrepreneurs succeed, whether you are a start-up or a big company … or a start-up within a big company.