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The Integrating Generalist and the Art of Connecting the Dots

If you like to connect the dots, or put the puzzle together, or simply see the big picture, you just might be an Integrating Generalist. Integrating Generalists are masters of the art of integration.

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How To Visualize Non-Attachment

Practicing non-attachment can help you quiet your mind. Non-attachment can also help you respond vs. react. You can use non-attachment to help you create a gap between the stimulus and your response.

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Stretch Into Your Body Glove

Your body is like a glove. Yoga can help you stretch into your body glove to become all that you’re capable of.

Why Start a Blog

Why start a blog? Working on your blog is working on your life. Blogging is a way to spend more time doing what makes you come alive.

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Gain and Loss Framing

If you want to be more persuasive, you need to know when to focus on gains and when to focus on losses. People react differently to messages and facts depending on how they are framed. A message can emphasize benefits, “gain-framed”, or it can emphasize costs, “loss-framed.”

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