3 Key Questions to Challenge Yourself to Innovate



You are growing or shrinking, you’re either climbing or sliding … there is no in-between.” – Tony Robbins

Are you expanding your capabilities and growing where it counts?    You can use innovation to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Innovation simply means coming up with a  new idea, method, or product.   The trick is to focus your ingenuity in ways that translate into meaningful results for work and life.  The key to innovation is to ask the right questions.   Just asking the right questions, starts the process.

In the book, The Future Belongs to Those Who are Fast, Jim Carroll shares three questions you can use to innovate and drive change.

3 Questions to Drive Innovation

Jim shares the following three questions to help drive innovation:

  1. What can we do to run the business better?
  2. What can we do to grow the business?
  3. What can we do to transform the business?

The beauty of the question is you can apply them to any industry and you can apply them to work or life.  For example, what can you do to run your life better, grow your life, and transform your life?

Example of Applying the Questions

The questions are open-ended and easy to apply.   To make it real and to see it in action, Jim shares an example of applying the questions to cattle ranchers.   Jim writes:

“When it comes to running the business better, there is a massive opportunity for the continued deployment of technology to better manage the herd; deal with food safety and traceability issues; manage the health of the herd; the list is endless!  Growth of the business? Consider the opportunities that come about with direct-to-to-consumer relationships as our world of connectivity continues to expand.  Transform the business?  Change the business model!  One Australian group was faced with the challenge of getting fresh meat to Indonesia – and so they built the MC Becrux – basically a floating stockyard for thousands of head of cattle!”

The power of possibility is driven by our ability to ask better questions and challenge our assumptions..  What does the future hold for you and how can you work with it, not against it?

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