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The End: The Power of Finishing What You Start

The End is a significant marker for you. It’s more than just a milestone for finishing what you start. The End marks the story and the start for new beginnings. And it’s a powerful way to start new things when you know you, and you alone, hold the power to beat your Resistance.

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The Ego Attacks the Awakening Artists

When you start to figure out and realize your greatest potential, and answer your calling, fear and Ego can get in the way. Ego attacks the awakening artist. The Ego runs the show and likes things the way they are.

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Chase the Market or Follow Your Muse?

Should you anticipate the market or follow your Muse? You can win big if you chase the market and get it right. But in the end, if you lose your Muse, you can lose the best part of you.

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Three-Factor Theory: Create Enthusiasm in Your Work Environment

What does it take to create a workplace environment where employees feel engaged? That’s what the Three Factor Theory attempts to answer. The Three-Factor Theory is based on three decades of research and the results are relevant around the world.

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The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership (Book Review)

The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership is perhaps one of the greatest deep dives into how you can use personal leadership to achieve more meaning in your work and create the life you want. It’s a book about having it all in a sustainable and fulfilling way.

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