Best of the Web: Top Blogs for Insight and Action

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This is my roundup of top blogs for insight and action.  The Web is a big place, but a lot of roads lead to the same town.

In the spirit of insight and action, I want to share some of the best blogs on the Web that help you get better, smarter, and faster in key areas of your life.  For this list, I looked to people, blogs, and sites that really make us think, surprise us with insight, and share news we can use (or make us laugh, cry, or feel alive..)  Many of the authors are people with a passion for more from life.

Collectively, this collection of top blogs helps equip you with “skills to pay the bills and lead a better life.”  You’ll find it’s a mash up.  The mix includes: business skills, continuous learning, entrepreneurism, fun, leadership, personal development, productivity, strategy, technology, thinking skills, and trends.

I believe these are the sites that truly help you get the edge in work and life.  It’s a living list of top blogs, and I will update it from time to time.

Top 10 Blogs for Insight and Action

  1. 800 CEO Read
  2. All Top
  3. How To Change the World, by Guy Kawsaki
  4. Information is Beautiful, by David McCandless
  5. Jim Carroll – Futurist, Trends, and Innovation
  6. Psychology Today
  7. Scobleizer, by Robert Scoble
  8. Seth Godin
  9. TED – Ideas Worth Spreading
  10. The Blog of Tim Ferris

Top Blogs for Insight and Action A – Z

  1. 43 Folders, by Merlin Man
  2. 800 CEO Read
  3. 1000, by Vadim Kotelnikov
  4. A Daring Adventure, Tim Brownson
  5. Alissa Finerman – Author, Speaker, Life Coach
  6. All Top
  7. Big Think
  8. Blue Zones Blog, by Dan Buettner
  9. Brain Pickings
  10. Business Balls, by Alan Chapman
  11. Business Insider
  12. Change This
  13. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, by Steven Aitchison
  14. Charlie Rose
  15. Chief Executive Magazine
  17. CIO Insight
  18. Cool Infographics, by Randy Krum
  19. Danielle LaPorte – White Hot Truth
  20. David Zinger – Employee Engagement
  21. Dilbert
  22. Disease Proof, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  23. Dr. K’s Blog – How to Click with People, by Dr. Rick Kirshner
  24. Entrepreneur’s Journey, by Yaro Starak
  25. Entrepreneur Magazine
  26. Expert Access, by Steve Kayser
  27. Forbes
  28. Gaping Void, by Hugh MacLeod
  29. Gartner
  30. Get Rich Slowly, by J.D. Roth
  31. Grow with Stacey
  32. HBR (Harvard Business Review)
  33. How To Change the World, by Guy Kawsaki
  34. Huffington Post
  35. Ian’s Messy Desk, by Ian McKenzie
  36. I Will Teach You To Be Rich, by Ramit Sethi
  37. IGG – Tips, Tools, and Tantalizing Ideas, by Marquita Herald
  38. Illuminated Mind, by Jonathan Mead
  39. Inc – Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs
  40. Information is Beautiful, by David McCandless
  41. Jim Carroll – Futurist, Trends, and Innovation
  42. John Maxwell on Leadership
  43. Jurgen Appelo
  44. Leading Answers – Leadership and Agile Project Management Ideas, Observations, and Links
  45. Life, by Donald Latumahina
  46. Marc and Angel Hack Life
  47. Marie Forleo
  48. Mental Toughness Blog, by Steve Siebold
  49. Michael Hyatt – Intentional Leadership
  50. NPR
  51. Personal Development with Fred Tracey
  52. Personal Excellence Blog, by Celestine Chua
  53. Personal Success Factors, by Stephen Borgman
  54. Pick the Brain, by Erin Falconer
  55. Possibilities – Master Brew for Creative Minds
  56. Psychology Today
  57. ReadWriteWeb
  58. Richard Branson
  59. Scientific American Mind
  60. Scobleizer, by Robert Scoble
  61. Seth Godin
  62. Shake Off the Grind & Begin to Thrive, by Joe Wilner
  63. Slate Magazine – Politics, Business, Technology, and the Arts
  64. Smart Passive Income, by Pat Flynn
  65. Stepcase Lifehack
  66. Steve Pavlina
  67. Strategy + Business
  68. Success Begins Today, by John Richardson
  69. Success Magazine Blog
  70. Tammy Erickson (Harvard Business Review)
  71. TED – Ideas Worth Spreading
  72. The Blog of Tim Ferris
  73. The Changing Minds Blog, by David Straker
  74. The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin
  75. The Opinion Pages (The New York Times)
  76. The Simple Dollar – Financial Talk for the Rest of Us, by Trent Hamm
  77. The Wall Street Journal
  78. Think Simple Now, by Tina Su
  79. This Isn’t Happiness
  80. Tim Sanders
  81. Tony Robbins – Change Your Life Now
  82. Top Tenz.Net
  83. Victoria Vives – Strategies for Unleashing the Superhero in You
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8 Comments on "Best of the Web: Top Blogs for Insight and Action"

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  1. David says:

    Great list! I have to do some digging now. Keeping the inspiration flowing is important, but even more important is what we do with it.

    A call to action is next!

  2. Shell says:

    Thank you very much for listing as a site for insight and action. We try hard to put out an interesting product. It is always nice to be noticed.


  3. JD says:

    @ David — Thank you. So many of these authors and sites do a great job of keeping it fresh, and keeping it real.

    Yes, insight is one thing, action is another.

    @ Shell — I like the focus and the approach. I’m a fan of having information at my finger tips, and top ten lists make it easy to do so. It’s a great way for exploring other knowledge areas in a fast and fun way.

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi JD .. thanks for these two lists – it’s good to know they’re safely tucked away in your Resources tab for reference at all times ..

    Many thanks – cheers Hilary

  5. JD says:

    @ Hilary — It was a great exercise in sweeping across the Web to find the best of the best. It’s an ever-changing landscape, but there are definitely some light-houses among the sea of information.

  6. Luke says:

    Thanks JD this list will do a great for me, you have shared the best data around..

  7. Randy Krum says:

    Thanks JD!

    I’m honored to be included in the list. There are many sites that post infographic images, but I always try to add some discussion and critique so that my audience of designers learns how to make their own designs better.