When Can You Start: How To Ace the Interview and Win the Job (Book Review)

“You will get a job a lot sooner if you read this book.” — Guy Kawasaki

If you want to find a job, and land a job, here’s a book that could significantly help you with the process. It’s When Can You Start? How to ACE the Interview and Win the Job, by Paul Freiberger.

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Stephen Covey on How Experience is Overrated

Does a lack of experience hold you back? According to Stephen Covey, “experience is overrated.” Many times when somebody has a lot of experience, what they really have is the same experience repeated over and over again.

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Advice is for Winners (Book Review)

The best book on advice I’ve been reading is Advice is for Winners: How to Get Advice for Better Decisions in Life and Work. You can try to go it alone in the world, but the reality is you can be more effective if you leverage advice from people around the world — if you know how to seek advice with skill. To put it simply, life’s better with the right advice.

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