I Believe In You

Tommy Spaulding shares the story of Coach Veltidi, and how he helped Tommy believe in himself.

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The Power of Certainty

Tony Robbins shares his insights on how Certainty helps us take the actions to achieve our dreams.

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Be Courageous

Courage is facing your fears, bouncing back when things go wrong, and moving forward. In the book, The Carpenter, Jon Gordon tells the story of Michael who learns what it means to be courageous and face his fears.

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How Not To Break Under Pressure

In the book, The Ultimate Guide to Mental Toughness, Daniel Teitelbaum shares a simple exercise from sports psychology called PowerTalking to improve your focus and improve your performance under pressure.

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Lessons Learned from Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson is a unique blend of entrepreneur, physical fitness expert, choreographer, author, life changer, and motivational speaker. Here is my distillation of lessons learned from Chalene Johnson on personal development, time management, motivation, productivity, leadership, physical fitness, and more.

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