The Ego Attacks the Awakening Artist

When you start to figure out and realize your greatest potential, and answer your calling, fear and Ego can get in the way. Ego attacks the awakening artist. The Ego runs the show and likes things the way they are.

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Creative Hours

A Creative Hour is simply an hour where you explore ideas from your most creative mindset. Creative Hours are your tool to rise above the noise, and build your creative muscle to make the most of all the crazy challenges and opportunities that come your way in life.

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Do Conflict and Debate Enhance Creativity?

What if conflict and debate help ideas to be all that they can be? If that’s so, should you defer criticism or debate as you go? In the book, The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas, David Burkus shares key insight into how conflict and debate enhance our creative process and help us produce better ideas.

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