Fearless Speaking (Book Review)

Fearless Speaking: Beat Anxiety. Build Your Confidence. Change Your Life, by Gary Genard is an action-packed guide to help you defeat anxiety, grow your confidence, and realize your speaking potential.

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Tony Robbins on the Fastest Ways to Get Over Fear

Fear can hold you back. It can hold you back in subtle and insidious ways. Fear can also outright paralyze you from taking action. What if you had a way to push past fear, and experience more freedom? Tony Robbins shares the fastest ways to push past fear.

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The Leap of Faith

This is a guest post by Paul Enfield on how you have to take risks, to get the rewards. It’s about taking a leap of faith.

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Meaningful Work is Hard

Doing meaningful work means stretching past your limits and taking risks. As such, the most meaningful work often comes with the greatest challenges.

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A Bucket of Criticism – Water, Sand, and Gold

Learn a three-step skill for dealing with criticism, as well as a metaphor for thinking about criticism. You can use criticism to change your game, achieve your dreams, and bring out your best. Criticism is a blessing in disguise if you know how to use it effectively.

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