How I Design My Year

Here’s a little recipe I use to make moments and months that matter for the year. The most important thing here really is your 3 stories for the year. The story part is the challenge and the change. The challenges and our changes are the stories of our lives.

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4 Parts of Visualization that Improve Your Visualization Techniques

The key to achieving whatever you want might be your ability to visualize it and to use visualization techniques more effectively. We can improve visualization techniques by knowing the 4 parts of visualization.

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The Starting Point of Time Management is Goals, Priorities, and Value

The starting point of time management is goals, priorities, and value. You can use this information to help you identify your higher value activities and your most valuable tasks.

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We Need Big Audacious Goals

We need Big Audacious Goals – otherwise we don’t know where to start, when we’re done, and where we are along the way. And it’s the big goals that change us. And it’s the challenges and changes that create the stories of our lives.

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12 Steps to Achieve Success in Anything

Brian Tracy has a simple success formula. It’s The 12 Step Program. It’s a 12 Step Program to achieve whatever you want. He also refers to it as his 12 Step Program for Personal Excellence. In this post, I want to show how Tracy applies his 12-step recipe to fitness, relationships, and financial goals.

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