Insight is inner sight, mental vision, or wisdom. Insight is the creative juice that authors, artists, linchpins, entrepreneurs, teachers, trusted advisers, and other creative geniuses flow and draw from.

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Image Streaming — Think Faster, More Visually, and More Fluidly

Image Streaming is a technique you can use to improve your visual thinking and verbal fluency. Whether you want flashes of insights or simply to build your working vocabulary, you can practice Image Streaming on your own.

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Do Customers Really Know What They Want?

It’s tough to innovate when you don’t know what your customers want. The challenge is, customers don’t usually know what they want until they see it.

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Dare to be Different

The way to change the world, or at least your world, is to dare to be different. When you dare to be different, you step out of the mold, and you make space for your creative twists.

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There are No New Ideas in Design

You can always redefine design, by exploring the art of the possible, and adding your creative twist. You can push the boundaries, break the rules, and test your limits, while challenging your strengths.

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