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Why I Draw People and Animals (And What I’ve Learned From It Over The Years!)

Rebecca Tsien is an artist that draws people and animals. Rebecca has found a way to do what makes her come alive. Not everybody does.

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Good Morning

Remember that good morning … where the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the birds are singing. And there’s a warm breeze that carries the essence of a garden in full bloom softly through the open window.

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10 Big Ideas from The Art of Work

The Art of Work is a book about using work as a platform for realizing your potential and making a difference. It’s a book about finding your calling, taking on work that’s bigger than you, and mastering your craft.

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Storytelling is a Basic Skill for Success

Storytelling is a basic skill for success. Master storytelling to influence people and drive more meaningful change.

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Personal Stories Bring Ideas to Life

Personal stories bring ideas to life. Personal stories reveal your values, beliefs and ideas, and you communicate your character.

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