37 Inspirational Quotes for Work as Self-Expression

37 quotes on work as self-expression. As one of my most profound mentors put it, “work is the ultimate form of self-expression.” We need to do the work that makes us come alive, that helps us operate at a higher level, and that makes our soul sing.

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The Ego Attacks the Awakening Artist

When you start to figure out and realize your greatest potential, and answer your calling, fear and Ego can get in the way. Ego attacks the awakening artist. The Ego runs the show and likes things the way they are.

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Chase the Market or Follow Your Muse?

Should you anticipate the market or follow your Muse? You can win big if you chase the market and get it right. But in the end, if you lose your Muse, you can lose the best part of you.

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How Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield Defeats Resistance

Steven Pressfield walks through what a typical day of writing is like, how he finds inspiration, and how he defeats Resistance.

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The Unlived Life

What stands between some of us and our unlived lives? It’s Resistance. Steven Pressfield shares a tale of two lives: the lived life and the unlived life, and he inspires us defeat Resistance and answer to our calling.

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