Willpower Needs Help

Willpower isn’t something you have or you don’t. You just need to nurture and help it along. If you have a Growth-Mindset then you believe that you can improve your willpower by learning more effective strategies.

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How I Design My Year

Here’s a little recipe I use to make moments and months that matter for the year. The most important thing here really is your 3 stories for the year. The story part is the challenge and the change. The challenges and our changes are the stories of our lives.

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Set Your Future on Fire for 2014

Change is also your chance to set your Future on Fire with a vision that ignites you. You lift yourself up in empowering ways when you illuminate what you really want, deep down inside, and you create a fresh and vibrant vision bursting at the seams with your hopes and possibilities.

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How To Use 3 Wins for the Year to Have Your Best Year Ever

If you want to have your best year ever, take a look at using Three Wins for the Year. Three Wins for the Year is a technique I share in my best-seller, Getting Results the Agile Way. It’s a simple way to get clarity around the 3 big things that you really want out of this year.

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Commit to Your Best Year Ever

Here’s a simple idea that I learned about how to have your best year ever. It’s so powerful, and it’s so surprising, that it almost seems too simple, or too good to be true. The secret to your best year ever is to decide to commit to your best year ever.

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