How To Understand the Way People Respond

In this post, I want to focus on the Competitive, Cooperative, Polarity, and Meta Meta-Program. Once you understand this pattern, you’ll gain tremendous insight into how you respond to information, as well as how those around you respond, and you can better blend your style as appropriate.

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5 Rules for Formulating Outcomes

“Start with the end in mind.” — Stephen Covey An outcome is simply an end result.   Whenever you set out to do something, it helps if you get clarity on the outcomes you want to achieve. This is how you “begin with the end in mind.” When you get good at formulating outcomes, you get better […]

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Three Keys to Lasting Change

How do you make a change that sticks? It’s one thing to temporally change, but how do you make a lasting change? You need to assign new meaning.

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Capturing and Sharing Strategies

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a strategy is a recipe for results. It’s how we order and sequence our experiences to produce a specific result. A simple way to think of a neurological strategy is it’s what you do in your mind when you do something. They are the thought patterns that produce our results. We have strategies for everything we do from falling in love to getting motivated, to feeling depressed. We aren’t usually conscious of them. If we know what they are, then we can use our strategies to get in a particular state more effectively.

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12 Little Laws of Life

Photo by Pathfinder Linden A friend of mine sent me an email titled “Twelve Little Laws of Life.”   The laws were short and sweet and I was impressed.   I hunted down the original author Tom Hoobyar.  Tom said I was free to republish the laws.  Here are the 12 laws of life, followed by my […]

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