Are You Willing to Change?

It’s one thing to know how to change. It’s another to be willing to change. When you aren’t really willing to change, you get stuck in limbo. When you own your unwillingness, you can face your resistance.

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Warrior Leaders Reveal Great Character

Great Leaders forge their character each day while working on the things that matter.

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Zig Ziglar on What It’s Like at the Top

In a moment of inspiration, one that Ziglar described as one of his most creative moments, he wrote what it’s like to be at the top.

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Are You Living Above or Below the Line?

Conscious Leaders spend more time living Above the Line. We can spend time Above the Line or Below the Line. Above the Line is where we are learning, growing, and thriving. It’s a place of abundance.

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Stuck on Being Right

Don’t get stuck on being right. The need to be right, limits your own growth, and sucks the energy out of everyone involved.

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