Build a Personal Mission Statement

I wanted to revisit my mission statement and see if I needed to refine or expand it. One of the best tools I found is the Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder.

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Act Yourself Into a New Way of Thinking (And 8 Practices for Developing Mindfulness)

Develop mindfulness with 8 practices for growing your mindful mindset.

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3 Practices to Discover Your Values

Your values can help you live with more clarity, more meaning, and more satisfaction. Rob-Jan De Jong shares three techniques you can use to help you find your values.

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3 Habits to Grow Your Mindfulness

Three ways that leaders can practice mindful leadership and develop their mindfulness. Mindfulness is a way to capture more moments, and to make the most of them.

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Achievers and Connectors

How Achievers and Connectors can build better relationships by understanding the differences, knowing what to expect, and working on key areas of improvement.

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