Personal Effectiveness

How Effective Leaders Get Their Team on Board

In the book, The Strategist: Be the Leaders Your Business Needs, Cynthia A. Montgomery shares how effective leaders build buy-in and get people and their teams on board.

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Schotoma: Why You Can’t See What’s Right in Front of You

Sometimes people can’t see (or hear) what’s right in front of them. Sometimes it’s opportunities. Sometimes it’s something they are looking for.

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Do What Scares The Stuff Out Of You!

This is a guest post by Sarah Chana Mocke. She is an influential leader in the software architect space and a leader of world-wide communities at Microsoft. Sara shares some things that have worked for her in shaping her career while pursuing her passions.

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Deliberate Practice

Deliberate Practice is a technique you can use to achieve expert performance. Aside from raw talent, Deliberate Practice helps explain how world-class experts achieve their excellence According to Anders Ericsson, the early pioneer of Deliberate Practice, it it takes 10,000 hours of Deliberate Practice to become an expert in almost anything.

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Realizing Your Potential is a Dynamic Process

Your beliefs can enable or limit you. Your potential is not a static thing. It’s a dynamic process: Your beliefs shape your potential, your potential shapes your actions, and your actions shape your results.

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