Personal Effectiveness

Interview with The Entrepreneurs Library on Getting Results the Agile Way

In this interview with The Entrepreneur’s Library, I take listeners on a guided tour of Getting Results the Agile Way, and how to make the most of the book.

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Are You Living Above or Below the Line?

Conscious Leaders spend more time living Above the Line. We can spend time Above the Line or Below the Line. Above the Line is where we are learning, growing, and thriving. It’s a place of abundance.

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The 4 Great Predictors of Sustained Success

Successful people seem to get better over time. They age like a fine wine.What are the key attributes of successful people who know how to create and sustain their success for the long haul?

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Stuck on Being Right

Don’t get stuck on being right. The need to be right, limits your own growth, and sucks the energy out of everyone involved.

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Presence is Something You Can Learn

This is a guest post by Bandita Joarder, a Sr. Business Strategy Consultant at Microsoft, on learning the power of presence.

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