Timebox Your Day for Better Results

Putting time limits on things is “timeboxing.” You put a box around the time you will spend on something. Timeboxing is how you can get more out of your days and out of your life, whenever you want.

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7 Strategies for Better Time Management

Joelle K. Jay shares strategies for how you can gain more time, use the time you have more effectively, and deal with the demands on your time in more productive ways.

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Simplifiers Versus Optimizers

In the book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life, Scott Adams shares what he learned about Simplifiers and Optimizers.

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To-Do Lists are Great

I like my To-Do lists to be a short-list of my top 3 most important achievements for the day, and a simple set of reminders of things I need to do or should get to, that are non-obvious, new, or simply important.

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High-Performance Mode vs. Grind-It-Out Mode

There are two distinct ways that people get results: grind-it-out mode and high-performance mode. In high-performance mode, we feel enthusiastic, work flows easily, and the results exceed our expectations.

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