Vowing Doesn’t Work, But Concrete Plans Do

Plans increase success. Is there something you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t yet done? I vow to do this. I swear I’ll do that. I’m going to do this. Vowing isn’t the answer. Vivid, concrete plans are. Visualize, in a concrete way, how you’re going to carry it out.

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Learning Plateaus

Sometimes when we learn something new, progress happens slowly and quietly in the background. Sometimes we hit learning plateaus. Back in college, I remember getting really frustrated with my learning progress. Sometimes my learning was fast and furious. I was on fire. Other times, it felt like learning was very painful and slow.

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How I Design My Year

Here’s a little recipe I use to make moments and months that matter for the year. The most important thing here really is your 3 stories for the year. The story part is the challenge and the change. The challenges and our changes are the stories of our lives.

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