Thinking Skills

Mastermind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes (Book Review)

In Mastermind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes, Maria Konnikova teaches you how to apply the thinking methods and techniques of Sherlock Holmes to your everyday life. In a nutshell, Maria Konnikova puts twenty-first century neuroscience and psychology on your side. With some self-awareness and a little practice, you can sharpen our perceptions, solve difficult problems, and enhance your creative powers. By walking through the science of memory, creativity, and reasoning, and using Sherlock Holmes to bring the ideas to life, Maria Konnikova helps you master your own mind.

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How Do Great Scientists, Creative Thinkers, and Problem Solvers Solve Hard Problems?

In The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking, Edward B. Burger and Michael Starbird explain how smart people solve hard problems.

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Challenge and Change Protect Your Brain

In the book, Maximum Brainpower: Challenging the Brain for Health and Wisdom, Shlomo Breznits and Collins Hemingway reveal how complex work can help protect your brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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It’s the Synthesis

Synthesis is a powerful way to distill information. You can boil down ideas and communicate the key take away. You can take a few ideas and combine them to form something new. Victor Cheng teaches us a formula we can use for synthesis. According to Cheng, Synthesis enables us to communicate in a way that is “concise, integrates detailed analysis of the big picture, and is action-oriented.”

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How To Read 10,000 Words a Minute

What if you could double your reading speed in two days? What if you could spend 7 minutes to build a better brain? If you want to read more books, or learn faster, or think faster, this might be one of the most important posts you ever read. In this post, I’ll share a program to help you read faster, think faster, and process faster, at extreme speeds.

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