TED Talk: Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown delivered a powerful TED Talk on the Power of Vulnerability and what she learned from her years of researching into connection, shame, vulnerability, and what it means to be a “Whole Hearted” person that lives from a deep sense of self-worth.

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How To Build Your Creative Confidence

I was watching a TED Talk a colleague shared with me. It’s David Kelley on how to build your creative confidence. It’s a little video with a lot of insight. David Kelly is on a mission. After a run-in with cancer, he found his calling. The thing he most wants to do in life is — help as many people as possible, regain their creative confidence they lost along their way.

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Nigel Marsh on Work-Life Balance

“If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you and you just might not like their idea of balance.” – Nigel Marsh

Work-life balance continues to be an ongoing challenge as the boundaries between work and life blend and blur in our “always on”, increasingly connected world.

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