Getting Started with Getting Results (Free eBook)



Agile Results is a simple time management system for achievers.

Getting Started with Getting Results the Agile Way walks you through the approach in a snap.

Whether you are an underdog trying to make the most of what you’ve got, or you are simply somebody with a passion for more from life, you are an achiever in my book.  (After all, we are all an underdog at some point in our lives.)

Become All that You’re Capable Of

Agile Results is a system to help you be YOUR best.

As a time management system, Agile Results is focused on answering two very fundamental questions about time management:

  1. What to do?
  2. How to do it?

By figuring out what to do, you set the stage for meaningful results.  This is all about slowing down to speed up.  This also reiterates the idea that less is more.  Rather than spread yourself thin, the idea is to focus on what really matters to you, and create meaningful experiences.

Download the Free eBook

The Getting Started with Getting Results the Agile Way Guide is a short guide (14 pages) to help you get up and running fast.


Download Getting Started with Getting Results the Agile Way Free eBook

Take it for a test-drive and get the system on your side.

Share it with friends, family, and whoever you want to help get more out of life and put the system on their side, too.


  1. @ Farouk — Thank you. I think life’s better with results, especially when we enjoy the way forward, and write our story a day or a moment at a time.

  2. Hi JD .. I shall be back to download – and then use it in conjunction with your book .. that is superb and such a useful resource to have – this little summary will be an excellent adjunct to the actual content of your book. Many thanks – Hilary

  3. @ Hilary — Thank you. I think you will enjoy the summary. I tried to keep it compact, while reinforcing the three big ideas that make the system work.

  4. Hi JD .. done that .. and I loved the previous post with Ed Jezeirsky’s succinct video explanation – definitely one everyone should watch ..

    Thanks .. I really must get to use it all .. cheers Hilary

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