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“So many books, so little time.” — Frank Zappa

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My great book summaries are focused on answering one question well:

“How can you use this?”

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Advice is for Winners
Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level
The First 90 Days
When Can You Start: How To Ace the Interview and Win the Job


Business Techniques in Troubled Times: A Toolbox for Small Business Success
businessThink: Rules for Getting It Right—Now and No Matter What!
Squirrels, Boats, and Thoroughbreds
The Innovative Team: Unleashing Creative Potential for Breakthrough Results
The Power of Starting Something Stupid
The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power


10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place

Interpersonal Skills

The Complete Guide on How To Negotiate


42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role
It’s Already Inside: Nurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Success
Intelligent Leadership
Leadership on the Line
Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams
The Leader’s Guide to Speaking with Presence
The Leader’s Pocket Guide  
The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus
What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

Life Hacks

One Year Lived
The Real Rules of Life


Green Beans and Ice Cream: The Remarkable Power of Positive Reinforcement
Painting with Numbers: Presenting Financials and Other Numbers So People Will Understand You
Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations
StoryBranding: Creating Standout Brands Through the Power of Story
The Disney Way


The Six-Figure Second Income


Mastermind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes
The Undefeated Mind

Personal Development

Fearless Speaking
Living Space: Simple Steps to Transform Your Home
One Year Lived
Personal Development for Smart People
Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future
The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive
The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership

Featured Book Summaries


The Undefeated Mind

by Dr. Alex Lickerman

Defeat comes not from failing, but from giving up.  An undefeated mind is one that never feels discouraged or despairing; it’s one that continues on in spite of it.  One way to stand strong is to have a personal mission you believe in because a personal mission gives you strength and, while a strategy might fail, you can always find another way to continue your mission.

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The First 90 Days

The First 90 Days

by Michael Watkins

The goal in a transition is to build momentum by building momentum, buidling credibility, and avoiding cycles that damage credibility.  The root causes of transition failure are always in the interaction between the situation and the individual.  The key is to better manage opportunities and pitfalls of a situation, while playing to your strengths and being aware of your vulnerabilities.

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The Charge

by Brendon Burchard

You were born for something more.  Do what makes your soul sing and bring out your best in all arenas of your life.  Your inspiration and zest for life comes down to embracing 3 questions: “Did I live?”, “Did I love?”, “Did I matter?”

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Books I Recommend

My Book Recommendations are hand-crafted indexes of the books that I’ve found to be the most useful.

I have more books than most people I know.  In fact, there have been several periods in my life where I’ve spent a few hundred dollars on books each month.

I’d go into the store just to check something out, but then walk out with an overflowing bag of books.

Be sure to also check out my guest posts by best-selling authors.

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