Lucky, Gifted, and Focused



The right words can help lift us and operate at a higher level.

We’re more than our words, but our mental mantras and one-liner reminders can help us dig a little deeper and reach a little further.

As I was watching a Samsung commercial, the words they used echoed in my mind:

“Lucky, because I never give up.”

“Gifted, because I don’t take short cuts.”

“Focused, because I see past the finish line.”

“Fastest, because speed is my competition.”

“Legend, because I am one step ahead.”

They remind us of the price of success, and what it takes to go beyond.

Beyond our own limits.

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  1. And it is the absolute truth, JD. I’ve found this works for me: The harder I work, the luckier I get!

    What an excellent post to wake up to.

    You always inspire and motivate.

    Love, Vidya

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