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“With each sunrise, we start anew.” — Anonymous

This is my roundup of top productivity blogs.  You can think of it as a “productivity hub”, where each spoke is a blog focused on productivity.

Like many things, productivity is a skill you can learn.  If you want to be more productive, you can learn proven practices for improving your focus, improving your energy, improving your motivation, setting goals, and managing your time.

Amplify Your Impact

Why focus on productivity?  It’s a way to amplify your impact.  It’s a way to get better, faster, simpler results.   Whatever you save in time and energy, you can apply to other areas of your life.  By improving your productivity, you can unleash your creativity, flow more value, and make the most of what you’ve got.  Success is also a numbers game so if you’re a productive artist, you can stack the deck in your favor.

Please enjoy my roundup of top productivity blogs …

Top 10 Productivity Blogs

  1. 43 Folders, by Merlin Mann
  2. Dumb Little Man
  3. GTD Times
  4. Life Optimizer, by Donald Latumahina
  5. Lite Mind
  6. Marc and Angel Hack Life
  7. Productive Flourishing, by Charlie Gilkey
  8. Stepcase Lifehack
  9. The Blog of Tim Ferriss
  10. Zen Habits, by Leo Babauta

Top Productivity Blogs A – Z

  1. 43 Folders, by Merlin Mann
  2. Business Hacks, by Rick Broida
  3. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, by Steven Aitchison
  4. Chasing Productivity, by Chase Smith
  5. Craig Harper
  6. Cranking Widgets
  7. David Seah
  8. Did I Get Things Done, by Andrew Mason
  9. Dragos Roua
  10. Dumb Little Man
  11. Escape from Cubicle Nation, by Pam Slim
  12. Genuine Curiosity
  13. Get Everything Done, by Mark Forster
  14. Get Organized Wizard, by Michele Connolly
  15. Getting Things Gone, by Dwayne Melancon
  16. GTD Times
  17. Hack College
  18. How to Change the World, by Guy Kawasaki
  19. Ian’s Messy Desk, by Ian McKenzie
  20. Illuminated Mind, by Jonathan Mead
  21. Knowledge Jolt with Jack, by Jack Vinson
  22. Laura Stack – The Productivity Pro
  23. Learn This, by Mike King
  24. Life Hacker
  25. LifeDev, by Glen Stansberry
  27. Life Optimizer, by Donald Latumahina
  28. Life Reboot, by Shaun Boyd
  29. Marc and Angel Hack Life
  30. Managing with Aloha, by Rosa Say
  31. Matthew Cornell
  32. My Bad Habits, by Clark Guelph
  33. Neat and Simple Living, by Airane Benefit
  34. Open Loop, by Bert Webb
  35. Parent Hacks
  37. Pick the Brain
  38. Productive! Firm
  39. Productive Flourishing, by Charlie Gilkey
  40. Productivity Goal
  41. Ririan Project
  42. Scott Berkun
  43. Scott Young
  44. Seth Godin
  45. Simple Productivity Blog, by LJ Earnest
  46. Stepcase Lifehack
  47. Steve Pavlina
  49. Study Hacks
  50. Success Begins Today, by John Richardson
  51. Synechism, by Doug Belshaw
  52., by Jared Goralnick
  53. The Daily Saint
  54. The Bamboo Project, by Michele Martin
  55. The Blog of Tim Ferriss
  56. The Life Uncommon
  57. The Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman
  58. The Positivity Blog, by Henrik Edberg
  59. Upgrade Reality
  60. Wise Bread
  61. Your Life Organized, by Monica Ricci
  62. Zen Habits, by Leo Babauta

The Quality of Being Productive

My dictionary defines productivity as “the quality or state of being productive” and it defines productive as “having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance.”  For me, I’m not into mass production.  I care more about meaningful results.  So for me, I think of productivity as a tool for unleashing efficient and effective results based on what I want to accomplish.

I share a lot of tips and techniques on this blog for improving your productivity.  I also have a playbook you can read for free, Getting Results the Agile Way, that distills the best practices I’ve learned for improving productivity and time management.  That said, I’m a fan of learning from a wide variety of sources and standing on the shoulders of giants.  This list is my way of helping you find some of the best shoulders to stand on when it comes to learning effective productivity skills and taking your game to a whole new level …

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  1. Such a great list! It’s impossible to read them all. is one of the few websites that I read regularly.

  2. J.D. Great list. I can’t wait to check out the ones I haven’t come across. Considering the list comes from you, I know these are all good ones:)

  3. @ Kevin — Thank you.

    @ Tess — Thank you. The most ironic excuse I hear why somebody can’t take the time to learn productivity and time management skills, is they don’t have time for it. Hopefully, I’ve saved folks time by creating this collection.

    @ Sibyl — Thank you. I met a lot of new blogs and bloggers during my journey, and it was refreshing to see such a wide variety of perspectives and practices. I’m a fan of casting a wide net.

  4. Hi JD .. gosh I know very few of those .. but how much information can one hold or take in .. I guess the answer is to know that this list is here for us to use as a resource – when the time comes: as I’ll find your resources in your Resource Tab ..

    Also I have your book – which awaits me when life settles down .. soon I hope .. Great information .. cheers Hilary

  5. @ Hilary — You know my blog well. Yes, the Resources tab is where I’m stashing all the indexes to get to key resources, such as my blog lists.

    That reminds me, I really need to do a video soon to help distill the book into an experience and share the system in a more visual way.

  6. Thanks for listing me! I am applying my Think, Try, Learn work to productivity, and I suggest your readers treat getting more productive as an experiment. There are so many things they can try, and no one thing is guaranteed to work for everyone. This means they should examine what seems reasonable for them, try it out (tracking their results), and analyze to decide next steps – keep experimenting with it, try something else, or maybe incorporate it permanently. If you want to get started, give me a shout ( ). You can also Jump in and set up an experiment at Edison, the Think, Try, Learn experimenter’s journal: . Good luck!

  7. Any chance of an OPML for this great list of blogs. Then we can subscribe to RSS feeds and filter on the results accordingly.

  8. @ Dragos — Good job on helping people raise their game.

    @ Mathew — Yes, experimenting towards better results is the way to go.

    @ Richard — True — I’ll need to explore.

  9. Hi JD!
    Fantastic list of blogs here and thanks so much for including me:)

    Your blog has grown a lot in the last few months, congrats! Keep up the great content. Personally I get the most satisfaction from being able to make a difference to the lives of others through my articles. Best feeling in the world:)

    Have a fabulous day!

  10. @ Diggy — Thank you.

    I think your pragmatic advice, and coming from the right place, helps set your content apart from a lot of the content on the Web. Stay true to you.

  11. Great list! People don’t get enough of tips on how to be productive and so do I! Now, I would never run out of blogs to read! Thank you ^_^

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