Share Your Wisdom with the World for Purpose and Profit



“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

You can mentor the world and combine purpose and profit – experience sells.

Yes, people will pay you for what you know.

If, and here’s the key, you can connect what you know with what people value and pay for.

In this simple way, you can combine your purpose, passion, and profit.

Today’s world offers a lot more options for sharing your wisdom with the world.  More people are connected, and more can be done online,  in a remote, mobile, or virtual way, while working from anywhere.

In the book, The Charge: Activating  the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive, Brendon Burchard shares insight into how you can contribute and change the world, while making a living.

3 Keys to the Value of Your Wisdom and Experience

You can wrap a business around your experience and make a difference in other people’s lives.  By sharing what you know, you can lift others up, and build a profitable business around your purpose.

Via The Charge: Activating  the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive:

  1. Your life story, your knowledge, and your message — what you know from experience and want to share with the world — have greater importance and market value than you ever dreamed.
  2. You are there to make a difference in the world, and the best way to do that is to use your knowledge and experience (on any topic, in any industry) to help others succeed.
  3. You can get paid for sharing advice and how-to information that helps others succeed, and in the process you can build a very lucrative business and a profoundly meaningful life.

Brendon adds:

“With these three premises, I’ve helped millions of people world-wide realize the meaning and market value of their wisdom and experience.  I’ve shown them that they can have a career, not just a retirement activity, in guiding others to improve their lives or get ahead in any field.”

Provide Service to Others and Get Paid for What You Know

You can combine your service and get paid in the process.

Via The Charge: Activating  the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive:

“There’s no reason at all that you can’t contribute to the world with your wisdom and, at the same time, get paid for it.  I think this is actually the next evolutionary step in the working world: profit and purpose can mix in a delightfully service-driven way when we share with others what we’ve learned, researched, or proven on the road of life. “

Package Your Wisdom into Reusable Knowledge for the World

You can share your experience with the world in a number of ways.  Today’s world just keeps making it easier.

Via The Charge: Activating  the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive:

“We can package our wisdom and how-to advice (on any subset and in any field) into online training programs and courses or via more traditional methods such as books, speeches, seminars, coaching, and consulting.  We can make our impact with what we know — and, yes, we can get paid for it, too.”

The more you live, the more you learn.  And the more you learn, the more you can earn.

It pays to be an expert.

And your expertise can change the world.

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  1. Amazing! I loved this book for its self-actualizing principles & actionable guidance, but I didn’t catch this aspect. I planned to re-read the book this summer, & your post reinforces my need to do so. Thanks!

    • It’s a great book, with sound ideas, and aspirational insights.

      That said, I find there’s a gap between the ideas and how to turn them into action. The ideas are high-level enough that you need to really chunk them down, before you can really do something about them.

  2. This is an inspiring idea. At the same time, many people are trying to do just that. It takes quite a bit of skill and expertise to successfully turn the inspiration into a profitable business.

    • Very true.

      I see people fail and flail quite a bit and what I noticed is a few things:
      – they don’t know who their specific customers really are
      – they focus on selling solutions instead of solving problems
      – they focus on solutions that people don’t pay for anymore
      – they don’t spend enough time on high-value activities
      – they don’t actually have a business model
      – they don’t focus enough on their special twist that sets them apart
      – they don’t make it clear what they actually help people with
      – they don’t generate enough value (in the customer’s eyes)
      – they don’t change their approach when it isn’t working
      – they lack focus in areas that can drive real value
      – they don’t have a strategy that plays to their strengths, values, and lifestyle
      – they don’t know the market well enough to compete where it counts

      On a good note, there are some great examples. One person that really walks their talk is Yaro Starak. He made his business a “journey” … and Entrepreneur’s Journey. He focused on what he lives and breathes. He focused on what he would do for free and that people would pay him for. And he’s used his past experiences to really drive value for a broader community and the greater good.

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