100,000 Served



I served up more than 100,000 views from Sources of Insight within a single month.  I think it’s a new milestone.  For some reason, 100,000 always seems like a significant milestone for me.

By comparison, Getting Results took me multiple months to serve up 100,000 views, while Sources of Insight did that in a single month.

These are my top 10 most popular posts for the past four weeks:

  1. 25 Inspirational Movies
  2. 101 Questions that Empower You
  3. Motivational Quotes
  4. Simplicity Quotes
  5. Inspirational Quotes
  6. Time Management Quotes
  7. How to Think Like Bill Gates
  8. Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs
  9. Lessons Learned from Dr. Seuss
  10. 6 Personality and Work Environment Types

Some of these surprised me.   Some of them didn’t.

What surprised me the most was how often my lessons learned from Steve Jobs showed up on other sites.   I guess reuse is a form of flattery.

Photo by seanmcgrath.


  1. Hi JD – congratulations first before moving on to Alik’s goal!!

    Cheers – I’m a little behind reading your other posts .. but what fantastic stats .. I’m really looking forward to being around, as you take the blog and Sources of Insight into your planned future .. Hilary

  2. @ Hilary — Thank you!

    They’ll be here for you. My site seems to be functioning better now on the dedicated server. The future looks bright. I have some ideas I’ll be testing. I’m learning a ton at work that will be useful to share more broadly. I want Sources of Insight to flow as much value as possible.

    @ Melody — Thank you!

    I’m glad you’re a part of the journey and a part of the tribe of Sources of Insight. They’re a smart, insightful, fun bunch.

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