101,000 Unique Visitors for the Month



Sources of Insight continues to grow.   Sources of Insight saw 101,000 unique visitors over the last month.  I’m a fan of 101, whether it’s a 101 list of things, or an introductory 101 class, so I  thought I would share the snapshot of 101,000 unique visitors.

Growth is a good sign.  It’s not how I measure success though.  I measure success by the impact, the value, and the lives I touch.

Ultimately, I measure against the mission:  empower you with skill.   The world has an amazing set of  people, tools, and techniques.   The challenge is finding what you need, in a way you can use it.  That’s what keeps Sources of Insight going.


I’m continuing to make some refinements on the site, and making it easier to find some key things.  If there is something you want to see more of, be sure to let me know.


  1. JD –
    Congratulations! For me, you’ve hit your mission mark as I’ve often used your postings as a resource for my own growth.
    Keep it up!

  2. Hi JD,
    Thank you for sharing this success…it is refreshing and inspirational. It doesn’t have to “be” about the numbers, but they are one significant tool of measurement. I love, and agree with, your statement about value and impact–which I receive each time I visit your site. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi JD

    I love that your content is always fresh, practical and growth-oriented.
    Thank you!


  4. Well-done JD, and the rest of the team for making this possible – I bet the numbers will keep rolling to 500 + those three zero’s at the end.

    You have indeed empowered me with unique different skills to approach the given life with challenged set within it, keep rolling JD…

  5. @ Stacey — Thank you. I’m glad to hear it.

    I’m gearing up to do some heavy lifting on Sources of Insight. At work, I’m in the business of business transformation. I’ve learned significant things that apply to life. The same things that help a business thrive, helps us thrive in life.

    Expanding our capabilities, differentiating, and flowing value are the sustainable way.

    @ Joy — Thank you. Numbers have been my friend in so many surprising ways.

    I’m very outcome focused and I focus on quality over quantity. But, the surprise for me is how often focusing on numbers can unleash quality or change the game in other ways.

    @ Juliet — Thank you.

    I really focus on expanding capabilities, and cross-cutting skills for life. It’s the developer in me, applied to life. At work, one of my previous managers called me “the abilities PM.”

    @ Peter — Thank you.

    Skills are the instruments of life. It’s our practice, and our play, and our performance, that helps us hit our high notes.

  6. Hi JD .. that’s amazing – great news. The most important thing to me is the way you connect with your commenters .. and you do give us much ..

    Cheers for now … Hilary

  7. Well done, JD. I loved it when you educated me on the intricacies behind the scene of blogging. It is no surprise to me you reached your goal. And, remember (not that I need to remind you) we can all do well to “goal through” not “goal to.” You are shining example of this. Blessings

  8. @ Hilary — Thank you.

    I’m glad you’ve been along for the ride, and your perspective and stories always help bring ideas to life.

    @ Rob — Thank you.

    Your writings have inspired me to see what’s possible when we use the power of our words combined with the power of our mind. You really know how to make a nuance, distinction, or insight, whistle a catchy tune in a way that etches new grooves on our ever-shaping minds.

  9. Fantastic milestone! Perhaps this is the Tipping Point. Your lessons have made a huge, positive, indeed life-changing impact on me. I refer to your site often, a vital collection of arrows in my quiver–arrows which seem always to find their mark. Thanks for all you do, J.D., & best wishes for continued success!

  10. @ Jimmy — Thank you.

    You know how and when to use your arrows, and that’s gold.

    It just might be as tipping point. I’m now at 121,000 unique visitors for the month. Page views is healthy too, at 185,290.

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