150,000 Unique Visitors for the Month


150,000 Unique Visitors

“If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” — Don Ward

Sources of Insight experienced 150,000+ unique visitors this past month.   Three months ago, it was at 101,000 unique visitors for the month.

I like to keep track of meaningful milestones and simple numbers.  150,000 is interesting to me.  I remember when my traffic was 150 unique visitors per day.

I like having simple numbers at my finger tips because people ask me simple stats questions like, “What’s your traffic at now on Sources of Insight?” or, “How many Getting Results the Agile Way books have you sold?” I like simple answers like, “150,000 unique visitors per month”, or, “About 100+ books per month (with plans to amplify.)”

In one of my old groups, our key metrics were: awareness, usage, and sat (satisfaction.)   People can’t use something if they aren’t aware of it.  And just because they are aware of it, doesn’t mean they use it.   And just because they use it, doesn’t mean they like it.   In fact, one of the ultimate tests of whether somebody really likes something, is whether they would recommend it.   We captured this as our Net Promoter score. (Harvard Business Review introduced this as “One Number You Need to Grow”, back in 2003 … and they were right.  It’s tough to grow if people don’t recommend your stuff in a world-of-mouth marketing world.)  One of the most cutting questions you can ask is, “Would you recommend it?”


If you have the chance, please share Sources of Insight with friends, family, and colleagues, or anybody you know, who needs a lift in life.  Even if I never wrote another article, there are more than 800 articles on mind, body, emotions, career, finance, and relationships, including articles by best-selling authors and experts around the world.  Don’t worry, more articles are on the way.  I have some very interesting people to share with you, including a #1 Amazon best-selling self-published fiction author, and I plan to dive deeper and share more proven practices with you in the areas of business skills, leadership, project management, and strategy, among other things.  Strategy + project management are game changers for life.

The mission stays the same: empower you with skill.   I drive to make readers of Sources of Insight some of the most effective people on the planet by providing access to the best books, people, and quotes with insight and action you can use for work and life … to really help you “Stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Use the insights and actions here to “be YOUR best”, and help others to do the same.


  1. Congratulations & well-deserved! It’s nice to know—political commentary to the contrary—that talent & effort does pay off. (Though, frankly, you make it look easy.) I’m reminded of a quote my lovely bride & CFO often cites:
    Most people don’t recognize opportunity when it comes knocking because it’s usually disguised as hard work.

    You’re mission to empower is accelerating. Best wishes for continued success!

  2. @ Jimmy — Thank you.

    It’s a perfect quote, and so true. The trick is to connect the hard work to passion, so we can jump the humps, deal with setbacks, and pull ourselves toward a compelling vision.

  3. Thumbs up and very well deserved! Source of Insight is No. 1 on my blog list.

    Thanks JD for delivering the mission in such a brilliant way.

  4. Wow, J.D. very impressive…I couldn’t fathom 150,000 unique visitors. I love the example of expansion that you reflect…thank you 🙂 And we differ in that I never look at my analytics…for me it is whether I have challenged myself through creative expression, and is my client base sustainable to raise my family with?

  5. I am very happy to be one of the regulars!

    Your blog is easily among my favorites, simply because of the valuable content. I’d worry if you stopped writing, even if there are 800+ articles, J.D.

    God bless – and please do continue to shine on as you do.

    Love & congratulations! Your friend, Vidya

  6. @ Ershad — Thank you.

    I think the party is just getting started. I’ve learned a ton this past year working on a strategy team at Microsoft, with a bunch of Harvard MBAs, a rocket scientist, and a former astronaut.

    @ Joy — I can’t fathom it either 🙂

    I just imagine that I’m writing an email to a friend, or to my sister.

    One of the things that analytics taught me is that I didn’t name things well. I didn’t name things what people are actually looking for, so even if I had the right information for them, they weren’t finding it. It’s been an interesting wake up call … and I should share the details of my lesson downstream. I think a lot of people hit the same trap I did.

    @ Vidya — And I am very happy that you are one of the regulars.

    When I think of all the things that I haven’t written yet, I know that the best is yet to come. I’ve shared a lot and yet, I know there is so much more, for the road ahead.

    I’ve realize that for people to get off the treadmill of life, they need strategy skills. I’ve realized that strategy skills are also the key for people to have breakthroughs in work and in life.

    I’ve also realized that project management skills are powerful, and since that’s been my deliberate practices for more than a decade, I should equip more people with powerful project management skills for work … and life.

    @ Abdurrazaq — Thank you.

  7. JD,

    Congrats! I think it is because you are sharing very valuable knowledge to many, thus you have a team of loyal reader. I’m one of them;p


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