3 Keys to a Longer Life



“The greatest wealth is health.”  — Virgil

What if there was a way to get younger, live longer, and be stronger?

According to the new science of aging, there is.

It comes down to 3 things:

Exercise, nutrition, and commitment.

In the book Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond, Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, M.D., explain the secret to a longer, stronger, and healthier life.

1. Exercise

If you want to build your body up, you need to tear your body down.  The struggle makes you stronger.

Via Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond:

‘The biggest one — and the biggest change for most people — is exercise.  It is the secret to great health.  You should exercise hard almost every day of your life — say six days a week.  And do strength training.  Lift weights, two of those six days.  Exercise is the great key to aging.  This long slide ….’ again, the arching curve with his hand in the air ‘can simply go away.  Or go up for quite a while.  And you can be yourself for the rest of your life.’

2. Nutrition

Sometimes the key to eating better isn’t eating more of the food that are good for you.  It’s cutting down on the things that are bad for you.

Via Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond:

“’Nutrition, too.  You should eat the way you know you should eat but probably don’t.  If you possibly can, you should get down to your true weight.’”

“‘It’s much more important to exercise, regardless of what you weigh, and then learn to eat rationally from here on out.  Quit eating the things that you know are rotten for you, like fast good and lots of fats and simple carbs.  And eat less of everything.’  He says dieting is dumb and doesn’t work, but that my weight would drift down, over time, if I exercised the way I should and quit eating junk.”

3. Commitment

Passion and purpose or commitment to a cause is a powerful way to stay vibrant and young.

Via Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond:

“‘Commitment.’ He shrugs, as if to day this next part is harder to talk about. ‘What I mean is, you have to be involved with other people.  And you have to care about something.  Goals. Charities … people … family … job … hobbies.  Especially after retirement, you have to dig in and take hold or things can take some bad turns,’ He stops, stuck for a minute struggling a little.  ‘It’s specific to you.  And it’s awfully hard to generalize, but there have to be people and causes you care about.  Doesn’t seem to matter much what the causes are.  They don’t have to be important and interesting to you.  There have to be people you care about and a reason to keep yourself alive.  If not …’ a little smile, ‘you’ll die.'”

There you have it:

Exercise.  Nutrition.  Commitment.

It’s not the knowing that’s the hard part.

It’s the doing.

If you do what you know, you can reshape your life on multiple levels.

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