3 Outcomes for Today


What are 3 great results for today?

That’s the question I ask to bootstrap my day.

As simple as it sounds, I find it’s the most effective way to cut through the fog each day.

There’s a lot of things I can do and there’s lots of activities I’ll be doing, but what are 3 great outcomes for today.

That’s it.

Example of 3 Outcomes for Today

Here’s an example of my 3 outcomes for one of my days right before I left for vacation::

  1. Ship Beta 2 of my new book (Application Architecture Guide 2.0)
  2. Publish a post announcement of the book Beta 1
  3. Draft of Designing Your Architecture

Great is relative.   Value is in the eye of the beholder.  if it’s for you, you have a lot of leeway.  If it’s for other people, your boss, … etc. then you should sanity check what they care about.

Why Three Things?

Why three things, you might ask?

It forces me to prioritize among a sea of potential results.  Also, I can remember 3 things without writing them down, so throughout my day, I know what I’m working towards.   I can say it in the hall.

If you manage endless to do lists and work on a bunch of stuff but don’t actually get anything done, try focusing on 3 great results each day.  It works.

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