3 Take Aways from Robin Hood


3 Take Aways from Robin Hood

“Calm and careful, make it count.” — Robin Hood (Russel Crowe)

I watched the movie Robin Hood last week.  There’s nothing like watching the birth of a legendary archer to get me reflecting on my old archery skills.  Robin Hood and his band of merry men always entertain me.

When I was a kid I thought it was actually “Robbing” Hood because he was known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.  There’s more to the story though than just a bandit with a big heart.  It’s a story of adventure, daring, and courage.  It’s the story of a highly skilled archer who rises from commoner to hero.  In the movie, as the story goes, Robin Longstride (Robin Hood) promises a dying knight that he’ll return his sword to his father, Walter in Nottingham.  When Robin returns the sword, Walter convinces him to impersonate his dead son, to protect their land from confiscation.  Robin ends up quite the rebel rouser and proves himself a highly capable leader, even beyond his band of merry men, when he inspires everybody to fight for their home and land and protect from the French invasion.

Here are my three take aways:

  1. Never give up.  On the hilt of a sword are the following words: “Rise, and rise again. Until lambs become lions.”    Simply put, when you get knocked down, get up again.  And again.  You’ll grow stronger in the process.
  2. You can change your lot in life.  You can rise above your station.  Just because you aren’t born to land or position, doesn’t mean you can’t become the person who can have those.  You don’t have to be a natural born leader — you can become one.
  3. Shared values bring people together.  Whether it’s a common threat or a common goal, it creates a common bond.  In this case, there was a common threat, both the invasion and the evil doers leading up to it.  Robin had “right” on his side, and he created a common goal around defending their land.

If I were to add another take away, I would say it pays to be skilled.  Shooting arrows with precision through obstacles and over a distance, makes for some memorable movie scenes.

Photo by Will Hale.


  1. J. D. “Robbing” Hood gave me a good chuckle and smile. This post reminds me that there are so many lessons to be learned even from unexpected places when we are receptive to them. Thanks.

  2. JD
    We went to see Robin Hood this weekend to get out of the rain and then hubby left for an 80 mile bike ride…

    I thought it was a marvelous retelling of the old tale and I like your take away very much….they were certainly lesson all there.

    We even had a good laugh together, where at one point one person said that all the seed corn had been taxed away….about 200 to many years early for seed corn!!!…

    I heard Crowe say that one of the fun parts of the movie was the 1500 horses and men in the beach scene – those were not computer enhanced, they employed 1500 horses and riders for the scene…
    A real saga – well told

  3. Hi JD,
    I love the idea of shared values bringing people together. When we connect on some value that we hold…what a great way to strengthen that bond….

  4. @ Sandra — Nothing beats solid edutainment 🙂

    @ Patricia — I didn’t realize they used real horses — I’m so used to everything being computer generated these days. That’s too cool.

    @ Lance — Values are powerful. They can bring people together or tear them apart. The beauty of values is that, just like love, it’s a universal language.

  5. Hi J.D.,

    I was thinking of seeing this – now I will have to.

    I like that the three “take aways” you mention seem to be interconnected. That is, we should never give up because we share values & together we can cause the change that we believe is needed. That is the structure upon which all of the greatest groups/nations have been built through history.

    I suppose the part that does not seem to work so well is keeping things together after the changes have been made.

    Very thoughtful post. I am glad I found you today.

    Have a great day!

  6. @ Mark — I was mostly used to the Bugs Bunny version and the TV series so I didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed the movie — it was a nice combo of story and adventure.

    Great point on the connection among the take aways.

  7. Hi JD, I like the values lesson best. I’ve been learning and reading about values for a while and think about them more and more. Shared values are so important for meaningful, long term relationships both personal and professional.I’m trying to use values to bring people together as you suggest:)Glad I’m on the right track and always appreciate your amazing insights.

  8. Hi JD .. ha ha ….now I know how the archer link came about!! – you’ve refashioned yourself on Russell Crowe?! I have yet to watch the movie .. it’s been pretty panned over here .. but no doubt I’ll be drawn in ..

    Your thoughts .. Never give up: don’t step away even for a moment always …step up to the plate; yes we can lead: we set our own examples of leadership for ourselves; working together, learning to take the rough with the smooth .. will help us all win through.

    Practise makes perfect .. thanks JD for these takes on Robin Hood – I loved the old movies on him .. and no doubt this one too .. just escapism with a dose of reality if one cares to think about what times were like back then ..

    Enjoy Memorial Day and the week ahead – Hilary

  9. I used to think the name was “Robbing Hood,” too and got teased like crazy about it when I was a little kid. I appreciate the takeaways you shared. They make for a great character on the big screen and help us build our own character in the real world.

  10. @ Annabel — Thank you. You’re definitely on the right track. The best way to build a tribe of raving fans is to connect at the values. If you haven’t read the book, The Starfish and the Spider, it expands on this.

    @ Hilary — I’m a regular escapist and movies are my main flying carpet. “learning to take the rough with the smooth” really comes from experience and gets easier once we realize that a lot of success is a numbers game + skill.

    @ Jean — I like that — building real-world characters from characters on the screen.

  11. JD, I love these takeaways, so helpful for me right now!
    really quite simplified, but what a huge encouragement!
    I feel as though I just watched the movie, Thanks! ~Jenn

  12. @ Jenn — I’ve really gotten in the habit of finding 3 take aways each movie … it actually helps me pay attention and enjoy it more, just like when I take training.

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