30 Day Boot Camp for Time Management


imageMy 30 Day Boot Camp for Getting Results is now available.  It’s a free time management system for achievers and it’s all about making the most of what you’ve got.

It’s not achievement for achievement sake.  It’s achieving your purpose and making meaning, while spending more time in your strengths and connecting to your values.  This is where your best results come from, and it’s how you can enjoy the journey, no matter what life throws your way.

Free Time Management Training

As an introduction to the system, I created a free 30 Day Boot Camp for Getting Results.   It’s called a boot camp because it’s hard-core.  It’s a 30 day, self-paced time management training course.  If you want to take your time management skills to the next level, then take the 30 Day Boot Camp for Getting Results.   Keep in mind that because it’s self-paced, you could do all 30 lessons in a day, if you choose to.  This may be one of the best time management training courses you ever take, and the price is tough to beat.

I originally created this on Sources of Insight, as part of a 30 Day Improvement Sprint, but I wanted to spin this off to give it more focus.   By having its own little spot on the Web, it’s easier for me to make improvements, and to send folks there that just want focused and free time management training.  I’ll also use it as an experiment as I find ways to simplify the information and make it more insightful and actionable.

Time Management Skills

Here are some of the time management skills you will learn, tune, and improve as part of the time management training:

  • How to manage your time
  • How to focus and direct your attention with skill
  • How to spend more time on the things that really matter to you
  • How to be the author of your life and write your story forward
  • How to make the most of your your moments, days, weeks, months, and years
  • How to use a simple system to achieve meaningful results
  • How to achieve work-life balance
  • How to play to your strengths and spend less time in weaknesses
  • How to motivate yourself with skill and find your drive
  • How to change a habit and make it stick
  • How to improve your personal productivity and personal effectiveness

You will learn time management tips and strategies as part of a system, each lesson can be used by itself or “better together” with other lessons.  I tried to make each lesson as useful as possible, so you can keep building on your skills, as you learn new time management techniques.

Time Management Training Lessons at a Glance

Here are the 30 Lessons at a Glance that make up the time management training:

  • Day 1 – Take a Tour of Getting Results the Agile Way
  • Day 2 – Monday Vision – Use Three Stories to Drive Your Week
  • Day 3 – Daily Outcomes – Use Three Stories to Drive Your Day
  • Day 4 – Let Things Slough Off
  • Day 5 – Hot Spots – Map Out What’s Important
  • Day 6 – Friday Reflection – Identify Three Things Going Well and Three Things to Improve
  • Day 7 – Setup Boundaries and Buffers
  • Day 8 – Dump Your Brain to Free Your Mind
  • Day 9 – Prioritize Your Day with MUST, SHOULD, and COULD
  • Day 10 – Feel Strong All Week Long
  • Day 11 – Reduce Friction and Create Glide Paths for Your Day
  • Day 12 – Productivity Personas – Are You are a Starter or a Finisher?
  • Day 13 – Triage Your Action Items with Skill
  • Day 14 – Carve Out Time for What’s Important
  • Day 15 – Achieve a Peaceful Calm State of Mind
  • Day 16 – Use Metaphors to Find Your Motivation
  • Day 17 – Add Power Hours to Your Week
  • Day 18 – Add Creative Hours to Your Week
  • Day 19 — Who are You Doing it For?
  • Day 20 — Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results
  • Day 21 – Carry the Good Forward, Let the Rest Go
  • Day 22 – Design Your Day with Skill
  • Day 23 — Design Your Week with Skill
  • Day 24 – Bounce Back with Skill
  • Day 25 – Fix Time. Flex Scope
  • Day 26 – Solve Problems with Skill
  • Day 27 – Do Something Great
  • Day 28 – Find Your One Thing
  • Day 29 – Find Your Arena for Your Best Results
  • Day 30 – Take Agile Results to the Next Level

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  1. JD, what a pure gem – insightful and most important actionable with proven results.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Stunning set of resources JD – love the hard core label! We only get 24 hours like everyone else but do we all utilise them efficiently or even properly? Doubt it, but it sounds like you’re about to put that straight. Guess it’s time to shape up time wise!

  3. @ Alik — Thank you. I think I wrote it from a good place to write from.

    @ John — Thank you. I wrote it with the goal of giving as many people an extreme edge as possible. I learned a lot of things about more effective time management the hard way. Hopefully my pain, is community gain.

    @ Keith — Thank you. Somehow I managed to write it from a flow state. I interesting thing is I used a 30 Day Improvement Sprint to write it, so I actually used the system to write about the system. Each day for 30 days I gave myself 20 minutes max to share one key lesson, and write with might. I think the goal of giving people a collector’s set of the best time management techniques, really kept me going.

    @ Evelyn — Thank you. I think you will really appreciate some of the stories I mixed in. I think you’ll especially enjoy Day 20 — Do Something Great. Whenever I need a lift me up, I flip to that day and remember what’s possible. Life’s limits are flexible.

  4. Hi JD,

    This is really something useful and inspiring. I like the way you have used the rule of 3 seamless with self stories creation to generate more ownership of our time management. The rule of 3 is something suitable of our mind because it can only focus on so many things at a time. The stories are great liners to remind us of the things that are meaningful for us to do. This certainly helps us to remember things better. I like that and am on day three now. My key takeaway is to rewrite my to do list more meaningful using the rule of 3 and stories.

  5. @ Jimmy — Sometimes I undermine the value of The Rule of Three because it’s so simple. Yet, it’s that same simplicity that makes it work. We definitely don’t need to look for more things to do, if anything we need more significance while chopping our overload down to size in a meaningful way. Whenever I am overwhelmed, just by focusing on three wins, I quickly create a firm foundation to deal with whatever comes my way, throughout the day.

  6. Hi JD .. I’m glad you’ve put this out as a ‘separate’ system .. so many need to manage their time more effectively – me included – and I’m sure the 30 Day Boot Camp for Time Management will be picked up and used by many .. it certainly should be.

    I see you practise what you preach .. rule of three: in your Key Links.

    Thanks so much .. it’s great knowing you’re in the background .. if we need advice etc .. cheers Hilary

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