30 Days of Getting Results Helps You Get Better Results in Work and Life


30 Days of Getting Results Revamped

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” — George Eliot

Do you really know what you are truly capable of?

It’s time to get your game on and find out.  30 Days of Getting Results is revamped and ready for action.

With a new and cleaner look, each lesson brings you a memorable image, a quotable quote, an outcome, a lesson, and a set of exercises to put what you learn into practice.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants!

It’s time to get the wisdom of the ages and modern sages on your side.

The purpose of 30 Days of Getting Results is to give you the proven principles, patterns, and practices for time management.  It includes 30 self-paced lessons to help you find your purpose, find your passion, set goals, master motivation, and achieve work-life balance.

It’s a Simple System for Meaningful Results

The thing that’s really different about Agile Results as a time management system is that it’s focused on meaningful results.

Time is treated as a first-class citizen so that you hit your meaningful windows of opportunity, and get fresh starts each day, each week, each month, each year.  As a metaphor, you get to be the author of your life and write your story forward.

Your 30 Day Challenge for Getting Better Results in Work and Life

I used a 30 Day Improvement Sprint, a practice in Agile Results, to create the lessons.  For 30 days, I took 20 minutes each day to write my best lessons down on paper on how to master productivity and time management.  It’s raw.  It’s real.  It’s hopefully some of the best insight and action you’ve ever experienced in terms of exponentially improving your results.

It’s easy to dive in.  All of the time management lessons are there at your finger tips on the sidebar for easy exploration.  It’s timeless too.   Even if you’ve take the lessons already, they are there as a refresher.

If you test-drive just one lesson, check out Bounce Back with Skill.

Share it with a colleague, a friend, or your family … or anybody you want to give an edge, in work and life.

If you’re ready to start getting better results, check out 30 Days of Getting Results.


  1. Hi JD .. this is a great addition to your book – thanks for experiencing your own ideas and giving us this update .. then guiding us with the 30 day synopsis lessons ..

    Cheers for now – Hilary

  2. @ Hilary — Thank you. I tried to pack it with as much personal empowerment as possible. I hope it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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