A Simple Statement Book Nuggets


This post is an index of my book nuggets from A Simple Statement: A Guide to Nonprofit Arts Management and Leadership, by Jamie Grady. The author provides clear and concise insight for creating mission and vision statements. Throughout the book, Grady shares his real-world experience defining organizational values, mission statements, organizational goals and objectives, and vision statements. He then frames out how you turn your mission and vision into action.

My Book Nuggets
Here’s my nuggets from the book so far:

My Review
Your mission statement guides everything you do. You can think of it as your organizational purpose. While crafting our organization’s mission and vision, I came across this book. I found the book to be clearly written, actionable, and effective. I was able to immediately apply the book at work as our organization was working through our vision, mission, and values. While the book was written from a non-profit perspective, I found it really didn’t matter. It reminded me that the most important thing is to understand your organization’s unique value. One of my favorites distinctions was that the mission is who you are, and the vision is where you are going. I also liked the distinction that if you aren’t for profit, then you measure against the mission.