Are You Living Your Dreams?



“These dreams go on when I close my eyes.” — Heart

I’ve been looking for some inspirational ideas and prompts that help us remember what it’s like to dream big.

As if a child.   Filled with hopes and dreams and aspirations.

During my travels, I stumbled upon Dr. Lisa Christiansen and her work.  She’s an extraordinary motivational speaker, life coach, business consultant, entrepreneur, and best-selling author.  She is also a doctor of nutrition and fitness, and she lives by example.

Here is a blurb I found from Dr. Lisa Christiansen that helps remind us to dream big, dream often, and live our dreams:

Remember when you were a child? …
What did you DREAM of ?
What did you WANT to be?… Do you REMEMBER?
What was POSSIBLE?… Did you have limits?
What INSPIRED you?… What were you CURIOUS about?
What made you LAUGH?
What did YOU want to learn?
Who did YOU want to help?… Where did YOU want to go?
What difference were YOU going to make?
If you take a look at YOUR LIFE NOW are YOU living YOUR DREAMS?

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  1. Hi JD

    I don’t post much but I do read & get something out of about 80 percent of what you share. This one was really great timing for me. Thank you and happy new year.

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