Build Your Toolbox for Personal Effectiveness



“I want to be all used up when I die.” — George Bernard Shaw

There are so many outstanding books, courses, programs and tools that can help you get amazing results in all areas of your life.

But which ones?

I put together a collection of the greatest personal effectiveness resources that have helped me and many others get better results in work and life.  I put it all together in a one-page guide.  Check it out:

Personal Effectiveness Toolbox

It’s my personal collection of go-to tools and resources that I regularly recommend to friends and family for particular scenarios.

Realize Your Full Potential

Not enough people get to live and breathe all that they are capable of.

One of the most important tools in the Personal Effectiveness Toolbox, is Tony Robbins’ Personal Power II.  This is perhaps the greatest Personal Development program of all time.

What are all the best resources you’ve used, the books, the courses, the programs, and the tools, that have really helped you in work and life?

This is the program where you learn the exact same strategies, psychology, and tools that Tony Robbins has used to help professional athletes, world leaders, and top business entrepreneurs.

It’s the closest thing to having Tony Robbins in your corner as your personal coach helping you find your breakthroughs and transform your life.

Eliminate a Limiting Belief

Nothing is worse than seeing somebody get in their own way, or limit themselves because of fear or a limiting belief.

Maybe you hold yourself back with fear or negative self-talk.  Or, maybe you let others hold you back.

Either way, there’s a tool in the toolbox to help you Eliminate a Limiting Belief.

Earn Passive Income

One of the most important skills you can learn is how to make a living in today’s world.

Passive income can help you supplement your income.  You can also use passive income to help you get ahead, and to take away the threat of losing your job.

By learning passive income strategies, you can learn to survive and thrive in the new economy, as well as learn how modern business works.  Best of all, you can combine passive income strategies with your purpose and your passion.  Do what you would do for free, but combine it with what people will pay you for.

Sadly, there is a lot of noise and things that don’t work (I’ve wasted a lot of money.)  The good news is that there are some amazing programs that really teach the fundamentals and help you get results.

To dive in and learn the fundamentals of building a home-based business, check out SBI! (Site Build It). Read the case studies to see how ordinary people now sell their experience, skills, or products online.

Another amazing resource is Dr. Cha-zay’s Teleseminar Mastery Course.  Imagine being able to teach the world what you are passionate about.  Build your course once and sell it for the rest of your life.   This is the course I’ve been recommending to people who want to really hit it out of the park.

Achieve Your Goals

Goal setting is a fundamental part of being effective in work and life.

Believe it or not, goals are your friend.  If your goals aren’t working for you, the problem is you have “impotent goals”, as Tony Robbins would say.  Or, perhaps, maybe Zig Ziglar said it best when he said, “People do not wander around and then find themselves at the top of Mount Everest.”

While I have gone through many, many goal setting courses and exercises, I would say that one of the best, most thorough programs that really gives you a rock-solid foundation is Brian Tracy’s Goal Mastery for Personal and Financial Achievement.  It is an advanced system that not only covers the basics, it dives deep into how to really create compelling goals and make them happen.

Rekindle Your Relationship

Relationships make the world go round.

This could perhaps be your greatest challenge, or perhaps your greatest change.  There is no shortage of advice or self-help in this arena.  But again, the challenge is finding the tools that really rise above the noise, and focus on evergreen principles, patterns, and practices that actually work.

There are many worthwhile courses, but one of the best in terms of breaking things down into plain English, helping you eliminate fears or limiting beliefs, and build the fundamental skills is Tony Robbins’ Love and Passion: Ultimate Relationship Program.  He pours his heart and soul into it, and you can tell he’s learn a lot from his own school of hard knocks, as well as from helping countless others in their pursuit of love.

Those are some powerful tools for life-changing results and personal transformation.

But there are many more in the Personal Effectiveness Toolbox.

Build Your Personal Effectiveness Toolbox One Tool at a Time

Maybe you don’t have any tools in your Personal Effectiveness Toolbox.

No problem.  Use my Personal Effectiveness Toolbox as a starting point, and go from there.  Pick one tool you want to try, and do your own experiments to find what works for you.

Most of all, remember that it’s not the tools you have or that you know about.  It’s the tools you use, and how you use them.

Enjoy the Personal Effectiveness Toolbox and please share it with 10 of your family, friends neighbors, or colleagues that need a lift up in work or life.

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