Changes on Sources of Insight


Changes on Sources of Insight

This is just a quick note that I made some changes on Sources of Insight.  The main things I changed are the sidebar and the menu.  On the sidebar, I moved some things around, chopped “Resources” and renamed “Categories” to “Topics.”  I tried to move everything upward so it’s easier to browse the topics.  I like to make space and keep things clean.

On the menu, you’ll notice I added a couple of new links: Topics and Resources.  I added the Topics page to make it easier to always jump to whatever topic you might want to explore.  It’s the same list as my sidebar, but you don’t have to scroll and it’s easier to see at a glance.  I noticed some magazines and newspapers use this approach so I decided to try it out.  I added the Resources page to create a simpler list where you can browse my Free eBooks, Book Recommendations, the Hall of Heroes, and Quotes at a Glance. and I also renamed “Guests” to Featured Guests — to make it more obvious that this is a list of guest bloggers, including best-selling authors.

So stop by, take a look around, and maybe you’ll happen to find something you were looking for.


Photo by Cia de Foto.


  1. Hi JD .. I had a quick look around and the drop down bars work really well .. and I was pleased to see Nadia’s Spirituality Blog Post under Featured Guests ..

    A man of action & get done .. I like it .. see you soon .. Hilary

  2. @ Hilary — Thank you! Some of the changes were hard for me to make, but I think it was worth it. I think it’s way faster to find just about everything now and easily discover old stuff and new stuff.

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