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Tell me you’ve never had a difficult boss to work for? Even if you work for yourself, I’m sure you’ve had days where you’ve hated the boss. Well, what if there were patterns of these “difficult bosses,” and, if you knew them, you could either avoid them or you could work more effectively with them. In fact, you could even work with your own “inner boss” more effectively.

Coping with Difficult Bosses
In the book Coping with Difficult Bosses, Robert Bramson not only names these difficult bosses, but he shows you how to recognize the patterns are, and he gives you prescriptive guidance for dealing with them. Given that your boss or manager can have a large impact on your daily satisfaction, what better way to improve your day than learn these patterns of effectiveness.

My Review
I found the book entertaining and insightful. There’s so many frameworks for understanding people and behavior that it can be tough to cut through the contradictions and the fog. This book is amazingly simple, yet powerfully effective. In fact, I draw from these techniques when I coach my mentees. I also use the book to reflect on my own difficult behaviors and work to improve them. The key in the book is that you are not your behavior. Anybody at any time can behave like a difficult boss. This book is your mental judo for turning those situations around and creating more effective working relationships with the bosses in your life.

My Book Nuggets
Here’s my nuggets from the book so far …

The Difficult Boss Types:

Understanding difficult bosses:

Key strategies:


  1. JD,

    I had difficult relation with my female boss at GE where I worked as a Senior Systems Engineer. I am good at technical skills but lack in politicking. Now, I am my own boss but still out of curiosity, I shall buy and read this book.


  2. Hey Shilpan

    I think you’ll really enjoy the book. The author has a real knack for nailing tough topics, while injecting humor. Some of the stuff wouldn’t be so funny, if it wasn’t so true. As you read the book, you’ll recognize the cast of characters.

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