Dia Thabet on Lessons in Life


Dia Thabet on Lessons in Life

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.” — Shing Xiong

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Dia Thabet on lessons learned in life.  Dia’s specialty is setting and achieving goals.  In fact, he runs a site, 2AchieveYourGoals.com, which is dedicated to setting and achieving goals. While I’ve always been goal-oriented, I’m more of a river person with goals.  I find that a lot of success is serendipity in action, made possible by pursuing a path, but being open to possibilities.  I also like the growth that happens in the process, and I make sure I enjoy the journey, even when the path is tough and filled with challenges.  For me it’s always been a case where tougher the challenge, the sweeter the reward.
Without further ado, here’s Dia …

10 Lessons I Learned in Life

Everyone goes through life and learns various lessons. Some of the lessons are learned the hard way.

Although we experience similar situations in life, each one of us views life and experiences differently.

The followings are 10 lessons that I have learned in my life:

Lesson # 1. Planning is essential if we want to succeed.

When I was a child, I never planned. I used to live day by day without having a clear plan on what I’m going to do. This changed when I started college. I learned that if I don’t plan, others will plan for me and that planning is a major key to success.

Once I started to plan what I’m going to do every day, I started to achieve my goals faster and I became more organized as well in my life.

Lesson #2. Look inside for happiness.

A long time ago, I used to think that material things like having fancy house, car, and traveling are the key to happiness. Boy, how wrong I was. As I started achieving material things in my life, I found that my happiness didn’t increase much. For sure material things add to my happiness, but I’ve learned that if I want to be truly happy then it has to come from within. It is a state of mind and it is up to me to make myself happy.

Lesson # 3. Mistakes are experiences and opportunities.

When I was a child, I used to get upset at myself every time I make a mistake and feel embarrassed. I used to think of mistakes as something horrible and sign of weakness.

Again, after I started getting into the personal development field, I learned that mistakes are really nothing more than opportunities and are necessary part in success. Now, whenever I make a mistake, I view it as an experience and an opportunity that has a lesson for me to learn.

Lesson # 4. Life is sweet.

When I was a child, I grew up in an environment where almost everybody kept saying life is hard and it is full of suffering. I must say that I believed them. It wasn’t until I began in the search of self improvement at the end of the 1990s that I was able to change my limiting belief about life.

I learned that it is up to me how to see and view life. It all starts with my thoughts and the way I look at the world. I started to look at life in a beautiful way and see the positive side in life.

Lesson # 5. Knowledge is power.

Like many children, I didn’t know the importance of knowledge as a child. As a child, I didn’t really care to learn much or to read much. Probably like most children, I only cared about playing.

It wasn’t until I started going to college that I realized that knowledge is power and I can use this knowledge to help myself and others. I started reading as many books as possible, although 99% of the books that I read were about self improvement and personal development.

Lesson # 6. We can’t change people.

Just like most people, I tried to change some people’s behavior whether it is a friend, family member, or colleague. What I learned is that I can affect others, but it is up to that person to change. I can’t change anyone. Change comes from within, not by force or because I want to.

Lesson # 7. Life is a choice we make.

I have learned that instead of playing the victim and blaming people and my circumstances, I always have a choice and I should take responsibility for my life. I have learned when I blame people or circumstances, my life will be filled with negativity.

Since I learned my life can’t improve by blaming others and that I have a choice, I began to understand that there is more than one interpretation for everything in life. I started to choose the positive interpretation for every event in my life and yes it is up to me to choose the positive over the negative.

Lesson # 8. Visualization is powerful.

Visualization is something that I haven’t learned as a child. Basically it was not taught to me. When I discovered the power of visualization, my life has changed dramatically in a positive way. I started to visualize my goals every night before I go to sleep and that helped me focus more on what I want to achieve in life instead of focusing on what I don’t want.

Lesson # 9. Our thoughts control our emotions.

Limiting beliefs are based on my thoughts. I learned that every event and situation has at least two interpretations, one positive and one negative. I realized that most of our thoughts humans are negative because we tend to interpret events in a negative way.

I learned that if I want to overcome negative thinking and programming, I have to examine my beliefs and start choosing the positive interpretation in situations and circumstances. After all, if I control my thoughts, then I can control my emotions.

Lesson # 10. We can achieve everything we want in life.

When I started reading self help books back in first year in college, I used to read and not apply what I read into my life. As you might have guessed, I didn’t accomplish a lot of my goals. It was only when I made a solid decision to take serious and massive action to achieve all my goals that my life has improved for the better and started to see positive results.

One of the major things that I accomplished by taking massive action is improving my singing voice. When I started taking singing lessons, I made a commitment to practice daily for around an hour and my singing voice in returns improved and got a lot better.

The important lesson that I learned is that everyone can achieve all their goals if they put what they learn into action. With being persistent and taking action, success will be knocking on your door.

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  1. “Mistakes are experiences and opportunities.” To me, this is the hardest if them all. I still have a hard time making mistakes. I’ve improved in so many other areas, but I can’t seem to shake the need to e “perfect” – always.

  2. I was so touched with this line of your Lesson #2 post: “if I want to be truly happy then it has to come from within. It is a state of mind and it is up to me to make myself happy”. Now I fully understand what it means when someone says “smile”. Thank you Dia 🙂

  3. Hey Dia – Great job on this article. I believe in each point that you made and I think you topped it off perfectly with number 10: “We can achieve whatever we want in life”. The word that stands out here is “CAN”… “Can” means that it’s possible; but it’s not guaranteed. We actually hold the guarantee within us, if we so choose to use it. It’s not an easy one – but it’s within us!

    Hi J.D. – thanks for hosting this terrific article from Dia!

  4. Nice job Dia. Some excellent points here but I really like #1 – Plan! I never did either and it took me a long time to realize that strategy and planning are a huge part of success. Next to belief, it is the most important thing, I think. Thanks for sharing your insight, my friend.

    Kudos, JD, on the guest post!

  5. Great list.
    I might misinterpret this one though – Lesson # 6. We can’t change people.
    I might not totally understand what you meant by change – but I guess influence w/o authority is just about that – influencing people and make them change.
    That’s the whole “science” or art of making them to change from within like you mention but you can make them to do so. And this is you who drives their change from within. So you actually can make them change. It is powerful skill and there is very tiny line between manipulation and influence – the techniques are the same but the intentions are diametrically opposite.

  6. Dia,
    Great to “see” you here!

    Happiness from the inside…the BEST kind of happiness. And, if we connect with that happiness, I believe we also come more in line with the rest of our being, too….

  7. Sorry Dia
    I didn’t get past the first quote..

    “In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.”

    What a great quote.

    I’m asuming that the quote is part of your post!
    Reason I say that is that we have the quote, then the editor’s intro and then the post starts.
    Or does it start at the quote?

    I’m just about to publish a guest post and my resume of the author will go at the end, after the author has left the stage.

  8. @Vered- Yes, many people take it hard when they make a mistake. Mistakes are part of life and we can’t avoid them 100% The key is to learn from them and not repeart them 🙂

    @leony- Thanks my friend, indeed happiness is a state of mind and we are responsible for our happiness 🙂

    @JK- Yea exactly, it is within us. If we have faith, persistence and take action, we will achieve our goals. These 3 attributes are crucial to success

    @Bryan- Planning is crucial for sure, otherwise, others will plan for us 😉

    @alik- Yes, we can influence and affect others, but at the end, it is up to the person to change. It has to come from him/her, not by force. There are ways to help change someone indirectly like subconscious programming where we mention something and make it seem like he/she wants it. 🙂

    @Lance- Thank you for your kind words my friend, exactly happiness from the inside is the best kind of happiness as we are incharge of our state of mind.

  9. Too often we get caught up in our emotions, but like you said they are the trigger to the emotions. I put myself on a no complaint diet for 30 days. It was one of the best experiments I’ve ever done. It helped me realize how much I wanted to complain and how it was hurting me.

  10. @Karl- This is a good experiment for 30 days. The key is to change your thoughts about the experiment. I know it might be hard at first, but with constant practice, it will get easier and it will become second nature.

  11. I have such a problem with #10 – I just can not believe I can have much of anything in life particularly not financial abundance of any kind..I think I took a vow of poverty before I was born?

    I am great with achieving all the meaning and a depth of life – so now I figure that is the best I can do…it is pleasing

  12. Great list, Dia. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is important to keep in mind that life never plans a negative program for anyone. We cannot see this when we looking at life from a negative mind, fraught with thoughts of lack and limit. There is a unique richness that comes with feeling enthusiastic about life in spite of adversity.

  13. @Patricia- It takes practice to be able to convince your subconscious mind with what you want. With constant practice in concentration, visualization, and imagination, you will be able to convince your subconscious mind with whatever you want. Then, you will be able to have faith…

    @Rob- Yea for sure Rob, we have got to think of the positive and have faith that things will turnout how we want them to be.

    @Dante- Glad you liked it 🙂

  14. Hi,this is an excellent post, i read it each day and as you have spoken about “We can achieve everything we want in life.” can you suggest some books which can get back to you the confidence of doing things and increasing a belief in your ownself.

  15. Hi Gauri,

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    Yes, please read “The power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. It is the “best” book that I have ever read. It will increase your confidence, belief in yourself, and helps you achieve everything you want (if you follow what it says correctly).

  16. It’s so true — life IS sweet!! All mistakes ARE learning points, lessons. I just kept nodding yes, and yes to all these.

    The last one is true for me too. I have slacked off my singing warm-ups and exercises, so back to it! (Just not here and now in this library.) 🙂

    Thanks, J.D. and Dia!


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