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“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” – Unknown

Meet Ed Jezierski.  Ed is CTO of InSTEDD.  InSTEDD is a non-profit that helps the world deal with diseases and disasters through technology and innovation.  A significant part of what Ed does is set up mobile systems for emergency response and help out doctors and patients in developing countries.

As you can imagine, Ed is full of amazing stories.  The real life kind.   The kind where he’s saving lives.  The kind of amazing stories where he is in the thick of things and giving his best where he’s got his best to give.  It’s poetry in motion.

Ed has a lot of super skills, but one of his most amazing skills is his ability to use technology to solve real problems.  I’ve always been amazed by Ed’s ability to take a technology, see the possibilities, and make things happen.  It’s a beautiful thing to see somebody living their dream, leaving a legacy, and impacting the world with passion.

Watch Ed on Getting Results the Agile Way
Here is a short, two-minute video of Ed sharing how he uses Getting Results the Agile Way to juggle multiple priorities and make the most out of a day in the field:

Here is the short URL to the video: http://youtu.be/p5o0JhIh784


  1. @ Jason — On one hand, it seems like such a different world than patterns & practices, yet on the other hand, Ed continues to live the values we shared as a team, just in a different context.

    @ Alik — That’s your super skill too, so I bet it resonates in a very powerful way.

    @ Dia — You said it. It’s great to see people lifting others up.

  2. Hi JD .. what a great video by Ed Jezerski on your book – so relevant to today’s age – helping others .. and the way they utilised it in their approach to the disease .. as well as showing his agility in working out the needs for the now (2 days they had) to the future .. utilising the book’s premises ..

    Fantastic – I am looking forward to sitting with the book and working through it methodically and with strategy .. Excellent .. another really good tribute .. Hilary

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