Enthusiasm: The God Within



Every now and then I learn a new way of looking at an old word.   And it changes everything.  For example, when I learned that inspire is “to breathe life into,” inspiration took on new meaning.  I started wondering how many people I breathe life into.

This time, the word is enthusiasm.  I never really was a fan of enthusiasm.  That is, until now.  Somehow, along the way of growing up, I had associated enthusiasm with false inspiration.  Now, I have a new lens.

In the book, Little Book of Leadership: The 12.5 Strengths of Responsible, Reliable, Remarkable Leaders that Create Results, Rewards, and Resilience, Jeffrey Gitomer writes about enthusiasm and how he changed his view on what it means.

Entheos is “The God Within”

It’s a great thing when somebody or something lights our fire.  But, it’s a lot more empowering if you create your own enthusiasm.  Jeffrey writes:

“Thirty five years ago, when I heard Earl Nightingale tell me that enthusiasm came from the Greek word ‘entheos’ (which means ‘the god within’), I changed my entire thought process by realizing that I cannot rely on things or other people to create it for me.”

Spread the Lesson

Empower people to seek or create their own enthusiasm from the inside out.  Jeffrey writes:

“Your job as a leader is to teach the same lesson to all of your people so that they might receive the same gift.  A gift that altered my internal enthusiasm for the better, forever.”

It’s Contagious

It’s contagious.  And it works both way.  Jeffrey writes:

“Enthusiasm is contagious.  Either by presence or by absence.  The more enthusiastic  you are as a leader, the more enthusiastic it’s likely your people will be — and the more ready and willing they will be to accept whatever task you give them.”

To make the most of what’s around you, unleash what’s inside of you.  Share your gift freely.  It’s the gift that gives back.


  1. I like this take on enthusiasm. I find enthusiasm a very encouraging quality so I understand why it’s an important one for leaders.

  2. @ Sandra — Your enthusiasm shines through. I think it’s a by-product of focusing on what lights up your life. Way to go.

  3. Hi JD .. enthusiasm glows doesn’t it. I had an email from Lenny – the 12 year old – and 30 or so of us posted articles for him nearly a year ago now .. he’s an amazing kid. I sent him the Just So stories for Easter – and the email I got back was just amazing .. it’ll be coming up as a post after the castling episode is over!

    I’m emailing you another – that you may like to post about ..

    Talk about enthusiasm for life .. it’s so contagious .. it’s a wonderful attribute to hold onto and maintain all the time ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. @ Hilary — Enthusiasm really does spread.

    I like the fact that in the absence of any enthusiasm, we can always bring our own, or help others find theirs.

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