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Do you smile because you are happy, or are you happy because you smile?  Do you even need to be cheerful to be happy?

Let’s bust the myths on happiness and learn the true secrets of authentic happiness from the inside out.

Here’s how …

Andrea DeBell, happiness mentor extraordinaire, has put together an amazing tele-series to help you embrace your authentic happiness and experience more fulfillment in your life.  This series features a variety of perspectives on happiness and includes the following speakers: Alex Blackwell, Andrea DeBell, Angela Artemis, Arvind Devalia, Barrie Davenport, Betsy Henry, J.D. Meier (that’s me), Sibyl Chavis, Steven Aitchison. and Tess Marshall.

My topic is The Way of Happiness.  During my day job as a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, I mentor a lot of people.   One of the hot topics that I mentor colleagues on is how to be happy.  I help people find happiness in tough situations and in challenging scenarios.  In The Way of Happiness, I’ll cover the 7 Principles of Happiness that you can use the rest of your life.  I’ll also share the key concepts that shape your level and ability for happiness.  And to put the ideas into practice, I’ll provide you with proven practices for finding happiness YOUR way so you can bake more happiness into your life.

It’s easy to be happy when nobody ruffles your feathers.  Our challenge in life is how to be happy when work and life don’t go as planned, and we adapt and respond to our ever-changing world.  That’s the power behind finding your authentic happiness.  Best of all — happiness is a skill you can use the rest of your life.

When is the Free Happiness Summit

You can attend this event from anywhere in the world. It’s an online event, so you can access the interviews with our experts by either calling in or through a free Internet webcast.  Here is the Happiness Summit schedule:

  • July 16, 2012 through July 27, 2012

Register for the Free Happiness Summit

Note — If you can’t make the Happiness Summit for any reason, still register for the event and consider The Silver Pass (see below.)

What’s In It For You?

Here are some of the key benefits of the Happiness Summit:

  • Live your life’s passion every day.
  • Be more in control of how you respond to life.
  • Enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • Experience more joy throughout the day.

Happiness Sessions at a Glance

Here are the sessions at a glance:

Session Date Who
Session #1 – The Surprising Truth About How to Increase Your Happiness and Live a Smokin’ Hot Life July 16, 12 P.M. PDT Andrea DeBell
Session # 2 – Why Developing Your Intuition Is Vital to Your Success in Life and Happiness July 17, 12 P.M. PDT Angela Artemis
Session # 3 – How Finding Your Passion Sets You Up for Living a Happy Life (July 18, 12 P.M. PDT Barrie Davenport
Session # 4 – Why Changing Your Thoughts is Critical to  Your Success and Happiness July 19, 12 P.M. PDT Steven Aitchison
Session # 5 – How to be Happier: 16 Life Rules to Remember July 20, 12 P.M. PDT Alex Blackwell
Session # 6 –  How to be Happy through Helping Others!, July 23, 12 P.M. PDT Arvind Devalia
Session # 7 – The Possibility of Today: 7 Steps to Your Unstoppable Success and Happiness July 24, 12 P.M. PDT Sibyl Chavis
Session # 8 – No Matter What: Developing the Skill to Be Happy July 25, 12 P.M. PDT Tess Marshall
Session # 9 – The Way of Happiness July 26, 12 P.M. PDT J.D. Meier
Session # 10 – How to Find Happiness by Being a “Zen Mama” July 27, 12 P.M. PDT Betsy Henry
Bonus Session – Answers to the Top Questions People Struggle with when Trying to Increase their Happiness July 27, 2 P.M. PDT Andrea DeBell

How To Register for the Free Happiness Summit

Register now for the FREE Hapiness Summit that runs July 16th through July 27th, 2012:

  • Register for the Free Happiness Summit

It’s a teleseminar so all you need is a telephone or a computer to participate.

The Silver Pass

If you can’t make the scheduled calls (or if you want to access previous calls), you can buy a Silver Pass so you can listen to them over and over again, at your leisure.

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