Getting Results Knowledge Base is Ready for Action


Getting Results Knowledge Base Ready for Action - 2

“Action conquers fear.” —  Peter Nivio Zarlenga

Today, I significantly revamped the Knowledge Base for Getting Results the Agile Way.  The Getting Results Knowledge Base features templates and tools for making things happen in work and life.  The Getting Results Knowledge Base is a non-trivial collection of some serious know-how that you can use to change your game.  The Getting Results Knowledge Base includes:

  • Getting Started with Agile Results
  • Fast Track
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklist
  • Explained
  • Glossary
  • Guidelines
  • How Tos
  • Posters
  • Scenarios and Solutions
  • Slides
  • Templates
  • Visuals

If you ever get lost or if you’re helping somebody get up to speed on Getting Results the Agile Way, simply refer to the one-page guide … Getting Started with Agile Results.  It shows you how to adopt Agile Results in three easy steps.

Another good entry point, and one you might end up using as a daily reminder, is the Checklist for Getting Results.  It’s a tickler list of one-liner reminders and prompts to help you get better results in any situation.



  1. Hi J.D.,

    Love the quote. Folks have such a hard time taking action. I worked with lots of people during my corp days who kept getting ready. Nothing was perfect enough to begin. Big trap! Ironically, we need to begin to figure out what we really need to finish. I’ve figured out that I’ll learn as I go along. Nice of you to post this for your readers! Thx. Giulietta

  2. I was caught up in fear just today. I remembered that as long as I take constant action, i will reach my goal. So today, i have to make a few phone calls, and send out a few text messages. Thanks, J.D.

  3. JD:
    You have done such a great job of building this resources. You insight and practical approach goes a long way to helping all create agile results and taking employee engagement into our own hands rather than waiting for the organization or leadership to get us engaged.

  4. Wow, you have expanded ‘Getting Results The Agile Way’ quite a lot from the last time I checked. The ‘Rule of 3’ has become quite common in my house.

  5. @ Guilietta — The quote cuts to the chase and I think it’s amazingly true. I used to seek perfection, but now I enjoy continuous improvement.

    @ Jonathan — Action is empowering. I think it’s a healthy reminder that we always have options and action is a way to exercise them.

    @ David — Thank you. I really want everybody to be able to make the most of what they’ve got. I learned a lot of things the hard way … hopefully I save a lot of people a lot of time, energy, and pain.

    @ Avani — I was actually surprised how much is there. I knew I had a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much. What’s scary is how much more I have to share.

    Necessity is a big driver. At work, I get folks asking me for posters or for cheat sheets or templates or how tos, etc. So largely, what I’ve created is a part of responding to demand.

  6. Hi JD,
    I hope you are well. This is an amazing resource, I have put several of the suggestions into place but needed a kick start to carry on so great timing thank-you!

  7. Hi JD .. this is really brilliant – and will be just what I need .. & I will be following this wonderful programme.

    I like to be organised and prepared .. I’m committed to a few things pre Christmas .. but I think once the New Year comes round .. Your 30 days, your 3 stories a day, and the Agile work out .. will really guide me on to great things .. I also know that I’m working in this direction ..

    Wonderfully helpful .. thanks so much .. Hilary

  8. @ Kate — Thank you. I think I have a lot more “how tos” to add to flesh things out, but so far I think it is a strong foundation for getting started.

    @ Hilary — Thank you. The beauty is that if you get this system nailed down, it will be your friend for life. I’ve used to deal with some of the worst scenarios, and to make the most of the best scenarios. It’s battle tested among some crazy, high-stress scenarios so it can stick with you through thick and through thin.

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