How To Nurture Positive Habits with Energy Healing Tools



Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Carol Tuttle on how to use energy healing to nurture positive thoughts and positive actions. 

Carol is an award-winning author, speaker and businesswoman, and she’s been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, The Huffington Post, and other national media.

Carol’s mission in life is to wake up people’s souls to living so they realize their greatness. 

Her gift is unblocking emotional barriers that keep people stuck, and finding ways to unleash their true potential.  Carol is a leader in spiritual self-help space, and is the author of Remembering Wholeness: A Personalized Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

I think you’ll enjoy Carol’s story, her insights, and her perspective below.  Personally, I believe that when our thoughts, or our feelings or our actions are out of alignment, or in conflict with each other, we hold ourselves back.  And positive thoughts are a breeding ground for positive actions. 

The key is building congruence in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Here is Carol on how to tap into your emotional healing tools to nurture and build more positive habits …

My Journey Into Energy Healing

How did I discover energy healing?

I’m regularly asked how and why I got into energy healing in the first place, and how it became a profession, a passion and a key part of my own spiritual journey. Luckily, I have clear and distinct memories of the events which surrounded my first discovery of the world of energy healing, and I am perfectly happy to discuss it in the hope that others facing similar predicaments may be inspired to make similarly life-changing decisions.

Back in the nineteen-eighties, my life was what many people would describe as normal, and seemingly very happy. From the outside, it certainly appeared this way; I had five beautiful children, all under the age of eight years old, and whilst I was understandably very busy working as a full time mother, there was nothing particularly untoward going on, and it seemed as though I had little reason to be unhappy.

I Felt Utterly Alone

Imagine, then, my surprise as I found myself grappling with my own mind, and slipping downwards into regular bouts of black depression. Before long, I found myself in the middle of a massive emotional breakdown, and these periods of utter helplessness and disconnection from the world around me would stretch on for long periods of time. Despite being surrounded by my new family, I felt as though I was utterly alone.

My frustration with myself continued to grow and grow – after all, I had no time to be depressed! – throwing me repeatedly into a vicious cycle of anxiety and bleakness. My greatest source of frustration was my feeling of confusion and failure. After all, I had done everything ‘right’, I had lived a relatively simple life and followed a path based on my belief system at the time, and I couldn’t begin to understand why my mind and my senses were letting me down in such a painful and extreme way.

I Needed Help

At a certain point in this struggle, it became apparent that I needed help in whatever form I could get it. My mind was being repeatedly struck down with extreme thoughts of despair, and taking my own life had started to become a regular thought going through my head.

As a result of this, I made the important decision to seek help in the form of conventional counseling, and quickly found a therapist who I hoped could provide me with the answers to my problems, someone who could possibly give me the solutions I needed in order to get my life back on track.

I Didn’t Find My Answers in Counseling

However, I was tremendously disappointed with what I found.

Instead of getting any answers or treatment which would solve my problems, I ended up seeing a psychologist for two years who simply told me time and time again that I would have to live my life with this depression, that I would have to learn to adapt and survive these problems.

Obviously, I was deeply dissatisfied with this conclusion, as there was no thought given to the source of this problem. To be told that the only conventional cures were chemical treatments (which I wished to avoid) and a ‘struggle’ to get over my problems was simply not good enough for me.

I was furiously angry and even more frustrated with what I found, and as such, I decided to seek out answers elsewhere.

I Learned All I Could About the Power of the Mind and the Body

This decision led me to dive head first into a world I had barely heard of before, and as this was in the late eighties, it was a world which (in the West), was still in its infancy.

I found I had a great appetite for almost all I uncovered in the world of energy therapy, and I quickly began applying what I was learning to myself as a form of self-treatment. I learned Reiki, I learned rapid eye therapy, I learned all I could about the power of the mind and the body, and I realized with great happiness that these ancient wisdoms coupled with contemporary understanding would provide endless research material from which I could learn and heal myself and others for a lifetime.

By Letting Go of Our Negative Energies, We Can Begin Positive Changes

The experiences I had were profound, to say the least.

It became apparent to me that by releasing all of our negative energies, and letting go of all the unnecessary baggage we carry through life, we can begin to make genuine positive changes to all aspects of our being. Nothing had rung more true to me in the past, and realizing this and beginning to apply it to myself and my life was as if I was opening my eyes to the realities of my existence for the first time.

The results I noticed in myself were amazing.

I Was Healed, Positive, and Satisfied

Here I was, healed, more positive and satisfied than I had ever been before! As such, it was clear what I had to do, and I began the fascinating path towards becoming a trained master energy therapist. I dedicated my time and attention to becoming certified in specific practices and techniques for healing and using energies, and then spent the next thirteen years sharing my findings and my practices with people wishing to be taught such things at my private practice.

I had finally found my calling, and I was fortunate enough to be highly successful at what I did and continue to do.

Furthermore, I dedicated time to writing, and my best-selling book ‘Remembering Wholeness’ has now reached over 70,000 people worldwide, signaling to me the importance and growing awareness of what so many others and I now do.

Three Simple Techniques To Invite Wealth Into Your Life

I would like to share a couple of these simple and effective techniques and practices, to demonstrate how you too can make positive changes in your life. Let us start with money – something most of us cannot help but worry about.

We all suffer from negative thoughts regarding money. Whether we are worrying about debt, or simply not having enough money to achieve what we want, we have all experienced this cycle of negativity.

Step 1 – Tap Your Fight or Flight Meridian and Assert “I Am No Longer …”

When you begin this type of negative dialogue with yourself, try taking the first two fingers of your left hand, and tapping them along the meridian line which runs around your left ear.

This is the ‘fight or flight’ meridian line, and we want to calm down this dramatic impulse and get things into perspective.

We use the opening sentence ‘I am no longer…’ as we tap around this energy line, and as we repeat affirmation such as ‘I am no longer fearing there is not enough’, ‘I am no longer creating debt’ and ‘I am no longer giving money all the power’, we are literally passing this positive, calming energy into the meridian, allowing it to sink in and have an effect.

Step 2 – Tap Your Intuitive Side and Assert “I Am Enough …”

The second step for inviting wealth into your life, and calming down negative thoughts and impulses is an exercise regarding the right side of the brain. This is the ‘all knowing’ intuitive part of the brain, which sees the bigger picture and is an endless resource for brilliance and wholeness.

Similarly as with the first exercise, we take the first two fingers of the right hand, and tap the meridian line up and over the right ear whilst saying positive affirmations including ‘I am enough’, ‘I am creating enough money’, ‘I am receiving my infinite supply of wealth’, ‘I am receiving an abundance of money’ and ‘I am grateful’.

Such a simple set of exercises takes little more than two or three minutes, and I can’t recommend doing it enough as part of a daily routine. The results are genuinely huge – you’ll notice how quickly it manages to throw out those negative thoughts and crushing worry in your mind, something that has been dragging you into a vicious circle, which you have longed to escape.

Open Your “Powerhouse” Chakra

The third step I wish to talk about regards the third chakra, the chakra of the solar plexus. The solar plexus is our ‘powerhouse’, and the chakra, which is located here, is a vortex of energy holding our sense of personal worth and empowerment.

I have no doubt that your sense of monetary worth is deeply entwine with your sense of personal worth, and so if you are experiencing worries and stress regarding money, it is this chakra which is most likely to be closed and needs opening.

In order to open the third chakra, visualize it as a closed flower, a bud in the core of your body. Spread your fingers outwards over your stomach, as if you are pulling this flower open and spreading its petals. Repeat this three times before taking a deep, healing breath. Again, repeat the action three times whilst thinking those same positive thoughts we looked at in step two.

Begin Your Own Journey

These energy healing tools are just a couple of examples of how we can begin to nurture positive habits to maximize our lives and improve our perspectives.

I would highly recommend researching energy healing further, as like me, you will discover a whole world of information and wisdom that can turn your life into the existence you always dreamt it could be!

Carol Tuttle is a master energy healer who trains tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. She is also an internationally acclaimed and award-winning author, speaker and businesswoman who has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, The Huffington Post and other national media.

Carol is an author of the Chakra7 self-help program that can be found on

If you are interested in learning more about your chakras, please take Carol Tuttle’s free 3-minute chakra test that will tell you what chakras of yours are blocked and need to be healed the most


  1. Thanks for sharing Carol’s story and wisdom, JD. Indeed, everyone has a large collection of opinions stored in the subconscious vault of his mind. Some are obviously apparent and some are invisible. The invisible ones can be treacherous because they affect our attitude and mood without our knowing it. The way to making right changes toward energy toward money always begins with awareness of wrongness.

  2. Loved this one Carol and J.D. I sincerely believe that energy healing as opposed to traditional medical practices will be the norm in our society.

    We need to treat the cause of our problems and not focus merely on the symptoms in our lives.

    I am still learning a lot about our subconscious programming, and more importantly, how to program our subconscious mind for peace, prosperity and abundance.


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