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“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn.” — Milton Erickson

This set of hypnosis programs was originally part of The Greatest Personal Development Gifts Ever.  I want to split it out to give it more focus.

Hypnosis will always have a special place in my heart, not just what it’s done for me, but what I’ve seen it do for other people.

For me, I can say that one of my best years of learning and growth was attributed to a combination of applying Personal Power, by Tony Robbins, and listening to Relaxation, by Potentials Unlimited.

Little Mantras for Your Mind

What I like about hypnosis is that it can help you when you’re stuck, and don’t know why.  In my case, the Relaxation hypnosis program taught me to achieve the kind of relaxation where time stops, and you’re completely in the moment, engaged, and blissfully aware.  I actually ended up enjoying listening to the subliminal side because I found that the baroque classical music was great “white noise” while I studied.  It really seemed to help me learn better and faster than ever before.

The most useful thing I get from any self-hypnosis program is new mental mantras.  They are the little sticky phrases that help us think or feel differently about something.

Potentials Unlimited has been around a long time.  When I get a chance, I’ll add my favorite programs from there to this list.  Meanwhile, here is an hand-picked collection of some of the best hypnosis programs by Victoria Gallagher.

All Hypnosis is “Self-Hypnosis”

You can think of hypnosis as guided relaxation, and all hypnosis is really “self-hypnosis.”   While subliminal messages have their place, the benefit of hypnosis is you can hear and focus on the words.  Even if you don’t feel “hypnotized”, you can at least focus on your goal.

And you know what they say, you get what you focus on.

Hypnosis programs can often help you get unstuck or find a breakthrough if you’ve become your own worst enemy or have fallen into self-defeating habits.  They are especially helpful if you are down and out because they can help you refocus on what you want to achieve and start taking action.  Sometimes we work against ourselves, whether it’s negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, or subconscious habits.   And, sometimes the best way you can help somebody find their breakthrough or get their groove back on is through a self-hypnosis program.


Achieve Your Full Potential, by Victoria Gallagher

image64Achieve Your Full Potential Hypnosis helps you overcome personal barriers and become the person you know is deep inside.  This hypnosis CD helps you improve your attitude and increase your motivation to allow you to reach your full potential. It will also help make you reflect on those habits you have acquired that may by keeping you from reaching your potential.

Achieve Your Full Potential Hypnosis, by Victoria Gallagher (Amazon)


Anxiety Relief, by Victoria Gallagher

image70Anxiety Relief Hypnosis teaches you 7 life-enhancing techniques that you can use to experience deep relaxation and inner peace in any situation in work or in life.  The 7 techniques are 1) Diaphragm Breathing 2) Getting Rid of Hyperventilation 3) Progressive Muscle Relaxation 4) Reframing 5) Anchoring 6) Anxiety as an Object 7) Positive Affirmations.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis, by Victoria Gallagher (Amazon)


Instant Motivation, by Victoria Gallagher


Instant Self-Motivation Hypnosis helps you improve your motivation and

drive so that you can move forward and achieve the goals you set out for yourself.  This hypnosis CD helps you train yourself to find your self-motivation whenever you need it.  You’ll be able to change you state of mind so that you are inspired to be more productive. As you become more productive, your self-motivation will increase. As you achieve the goals you set out for yourself, you will find that you want to achieve more. Your confidence in yourself will increase.

Instant Self-Motivation Hypnosis, by Victoria Gallagher (Amazon)


Power to Achieve, by Victoria Gallagher


Power to Achieve is an extremely powerful and useful program for achieving your goals.  Achieving your goals will seem so much easier.  This Hypnosis CD includes 4 sessions: 1) Motivation, 2) Goal Achievement, 3) Positive Thinking, and 4) Self-Discipline.  This program will also help you open up your childlike qualities that know how to imagine and believe in making your dreams come true.

Power to Achieve, by Victoria Gallagher (Amazon)


Stress Relief, by Victoria Gallagher


Stress Relief Hypnosis includes a relaxation technique, where the stress will seep out of your body.  You’ll feel refreshed and re-energized. Relieving stress benefits you in so many ways. Most importantly, it allows you to face each day with a positive attitude and to take on any challenges that may come your way.

Stress Relief Hypnosis, by Victoria Gallagher


Unlimited Self-Confidence, by Victoria Gallagher


Unlimited Self-Confidence Hypnosis is a self-hypnosis program to help you build your self-confidence with skill.  What makes this program so special is that you learn specific techniques, including My Confidence Vision, Circle of Confidence, and Modeling Confidence.  With Modeling Confidence, you bring to mind a person whose confidence you admire, and learn in intricate detail those things that make them self-confident. You will get to experience what it is like to be inside their mind and in their body and move forward with the same confidence that they possess.
Unlimited Self-Confidence Hypnosis (Amazon.com)


Take Back Your Power, by Victoria Gallagher


Take Back Your Power Hypnosis helps you take charge of your world now.  Gain control over your life. Decide that now is the time for you to have whatever you want. With each listening, more and more you become that person who is super confident super happy, and super powerful.  If you’re feeling stuck, use this to help you feel unstoppable.

Take Back Your Power Hypnosis, by Victoria Gallagher (Amazon)


Wake Up Early, by Victoria Gallagher


Wake Up Early Hypnosis helps you become an early riser. Your

subconscious mind can help you succeed at how to wake up early. It will be natural and easy for you to get up early, once you have the power of your mind on your side. Your body is going to be naturally getting tired at the right time and you will rest and fall asleep easily according to your plan. Your body will also want to get up early, at the right time.  Best of all, you will feel ready and willing to get out of bed and feel completely rested and energized when it’s time to wake up in the morning.

Wake Up Early Hypnosis, by Victoria Gallagher

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