“The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.”

What is insight?

A dictionary definition might say insight is inner sight, mental vision, or wisdom.

Maybe Edward de Bono says it best when he says insight is a eureka moment, and he describes two kinds.

The first kind of insight is where we short-circuit a longer path with a shorter one.  Maybe one day, we find a shorter way home.

The second is type of insight is like a eureka moment, where we gain a sudden flash of insight, and a new understanding.

With a flash of insight, there may be no new information, but according to de Bono, the whole thing suddenly ‘restructures itself to give a completely different pattern.’

Why Do We Care About Insight?

Why do we care about insight?  Because we can solve problems better and faster, and we can create new solutions or expand the realm of possibility.

Insight is the creative juice that authors, artists, linchpins, entrepreneurs, teachers, trusted advisers, and other creative geniuses flow and draw from.

Insight is the backbone of innovation and the art of the possible..

Insight breaks the mold, and forges new pathways in the mind, leading to deeper learning.

Our “ah-ha” moments enlighten us.

In the book, The Four Lenses of Innovation: A Power Tool for Creative Thinking, Rowan Gibson explains insight in pragmatic ways.

Insight is a New and Penetrating Understanding

Like a stroke of genius, insight helps us see things in a brand new way.  Sometimes, it’s like somebody defrosted our windows.  Other times, it’s like somebody took our blinders off that we didn’t even know we had on.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“Look up the word insight in a dictionary, and you will find it defined as ‘a new and penetrating understanding about a particular situation or a problem.’  It’s about grasping of discerning the true nature of something; suddenly noticing or perceiving a matter clearly or deeply; literally seeing into a situation (hence in-sight) in a way that sheds light on or helps solve a problem.”

Insight is a Striking Realization

Whether it’s a new angle, new information, or a new connection, insight helps us connect the dots in new and more meaningful ways.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“Thus, I like to think of an insight as a striking realization that fundamentally changes our thinking.  It can come from an illuminating new piece of information that either prompts us to look at an issue from a completely different angle, or that connects with existing information in a way that brings us a startling new conclusion. 

But sometimes these novel thoughts or realizations just seem to surface in our heads quite suddenly without the recent addition of any new information, particularly after a period in which the unconscious mind has been incubating previous knowledge, information, interests, and experiences.”

Insight Surprises and Inspires You

The power of insight is the power to inspire us.   Whether it means creating new windows or breaking down walls, or simply taking the balcony view, insight can surprise us, and take our understanding to new depths or higher levels.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“Simply put, an insight is something you previously didn’t know, or didn’t yet think about, that has the power to surprise and inspire you.  And what role do such insights play in the creative thinking process? As Scott Gray, head of planning at digital marketing agency Quirk, puts it, ‘Insights are to an idea what fire-lighters are to fire.  They represent the best way of generating ideas that inspire success.’”

Insight Redirects Your Thinking

When you change what you see, it changes your thinking.  Insight changes what we see, and what we can see, and therefore, what we can think.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“In their article, Unleashing Hidden Insights, Marco Vriens (from Microsoft) and Rogier Verhult (from LinkedIn) define an insight as ‘a thought, fact, combination of facts, data and/or analysis of data that induces meaning and furthers understanding of a situation or issue.’  It is something that has the potential of ‘redirecting the thinking about that situation or issue, which then in turn has the potential of benefiting the business.’”

Insight Reveals Profound Truths

Whether it was there all along, and now it’s revealed, or it was forging a better looking glass, insight can help us see evergreen truths, or deeper truths well beyond what we might see today.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“Executives at Mars, the global chocolate manufacturer, refer to the process of discovering insights as ‘peeling back the onion,’ in the sense that it is about looking beyond the obvious by methodically removing successive layers of shallow, superficial information in an effort to drill down to the deeper and more profound truths about something.’”

Insight Turns the Lights On

Just when you thought there were 9 planets, we found out there was 10.  And then there was 8.

Insight helps us see things better.  And sometimes, brighter.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“In The Art of Insight, Charles Kiefer and Malcolm Constable wrote that insights ‘result in a dramatically improved understanding of a situation or problem such that we see things more deeply and more accurately than before.’  That’s why Jeremy Bullmore, member of the Advisory Board at WPP, the multinational marketing communications company says that ‘a good insight is like a refrigerator, because the more you look into it, a light comes on.’”

Insight Shifts Our Mental Perspective

When the light bulb goes off, and you see things in a completely different light, insight helps you see problems and solutions from a new mental model.

The mental model that you work from can limit or accelerate your breakthroughs.

Via The Four Lenses of Innovation:

“A great example of an illuminating insight is Professor Theodore Levitt’s famous remark: ‘People don’t want quarter-inch drills.  They want quarter-inch holes.’  For his marketing students at Harvard Business School 40 or 50 years ago, this fresh understanding represented a drastic shift in mental perspective.  It immediately altered their perception by allowing them to see the marketing challenge in a completely different light.”

Insight is a many splendored thing.

Insight is accessible to all of us.

What will you do with yours?

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