Most Popular Posts of June 2009


Here is a quick look at last month’s most popular posts.

It’s purely based on traffic.

I might make this a monthly practice.  It’s a good forcing function for me to take a look at what’s popular as well as rekindle some sparks with some of my posts.

A monthly rundown also helps me see the forest from the trees and it’s a good way to stop and smell the roses.

Here are the most popular posts of June 2009:

  • You 2.0 – A free EBook to unleash a version of your best self.  Quickly find your strengths, values, and personal success patterns.
  • Influencer Training Day 1 – Notes from my first day of training based on the book, Influencer, the Power to Change Anything.
  • Six Sources of Influence – Do you have a persistent problem that you just can’t seem to change?  Maybe you just need some more leverage.  Explore six sources of influence to help you both analyze and execute changes to get unstuck.
  • Productivity Personas – A lens for looking at personal productivity, understanding behavior, and improving results.
  • Influencer Training Day 2 – Notes from my second day of Influencer training.
  • Is Will a Skill? – Self-discipline is one of the most important success factors in life.  Lucky for us that weren’t born with self-discipline, it turns out will is a skill.
  • Information X Focus = Personal Reality – You get what you focus on.  This simple formula from Tony Robbins shows us that our reality is simply a product of the information we focus on.  If you want your life to be about magic, pay attention to magical things.
  • Hot Spots for Life – Overwhelmed with life?  Here are 7 hot spots that you can invest in to find work life balance and to be your best.
  • The Hat of Effectiveness – In this post, I give you a simple technique to improve your effectiveness and solve problems more effectively.  Go from reacting to responding and leverage your most resourceful self.
  • Sources of Insight is 10 Months Old – Celebrating 10 months of Sources of Insight, with a quick rundown of highlights, lowlights and lessons learned.

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  1. How fortunate for me that this post is what greets me on my first visit to your blog! Recaps like these are so practical and interesting for us readers- and I’m sure educational for you as well. I’ll start clicking my way through the post 🙂

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    @ Adrenalynn

    Perfect timing. You might like the Getting Started on the sidebar too. It’s a fast tour through some of the key features.

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