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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” — John C. Maxwell

This is my map of top leadership blogs.

Leadership Blogs at Your Fingertips

I like having a map because I can scan the leadership space very quickly. 

I find blogs are one of the best ways to get the latest thinking, emerging practices, or even rekindle an old idea … after all, good ideas never go out of style.

So it makes perfect sense to share my collection of top leadership blogs.

Top 10 Leadership Blogs

  1. 800.CEO.Read
  2. Chris Brady
  3. Extreme Leadership, Inc., by Steve Farber
  4. Great Leadership, by Dan McCarthy
  5. Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell
  6. Leadership Now
  7. Leading in Context, Linda Fisher Thornton
  8. Michael Hyatt
  9. Seth’s Blog, by Seth Godin
  10. Tom Peters on Pursuit Excellence

Top Leadership Blogs A-Z

  1. 800.CEO.Read
  2. Bill Taylor
  3. Chris Brady
  4. Executive Coaching and Change Management, by Ed Batista
  5. Extreme Leadership, Inc., by Steve Farber
  6. Great Leadership, by Dan McCarthy
  7. Harvard Business Review (
  8. Hear We Are. Now What? by Terrence Seamon
  9. Lead on Purpose, by Michael Hopkin
  10. Leader Chat
  11. Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell
  12. Leadership Now
  13. Leading Blog, by Michael McKinney
  14. Linked 2 Leadership
  15. Mark Sanborn’s Leadership Blog
  16. Michael Hyatt
  17. Nina Nets It Out, by Nina Simosko
  18. Phil Dourado
  19. Plain Talk, by Eileen McDargh
  20. Ron Edmondson
  21. Seth’s Blog, by Seth Godin
  22. Sources of Insight, by J.D. Meier
  23. Stephen Drain’s Leadership Blog
  24. Survival Leadership, Steve Gladis
  25. Tanveer Naseer
  26. Terry Starbucker
  27. The Blog of Tim Ferris
  28. The Personal Excellence Blog, by Celestine Chua
  29. Tom Peters on Pursuit Excellence

Additional Lists of Leadership Blogs


  1. Wow – I made the list! Your generosity of consideration is very appreciated!

    One problem, again, like with the books…you left yourself out! I know it’s the ‘noble’ thing to do, but you’ve invested so much in the development of this valuable resource. I just had to mention that. You’re the man!

  2. @ JK — You have a high quality blog. I limited the list to blogs where there’s regular unique content and a steady stream of value that impacts the leadership space.

    You’re right, I regularly write about leadership topics, and I’m a fan of leading a life of action, and empowering others for self-leadership, as well as team, and organizational leadership … so I added my blog to the list.

  3. Hi JD .. thanks – I know I was one of the suggesters .. – what I like is having the Reserve Team .. those bloggers, whose work I highly respect, because I know they’ll be picking things up & highlighting them eg here – as in you!

    By chance are you going to include a TED talks list etc .. ?

    You’re my first guy .. though I subscribe to a few on your list too – it’s always good to have people point us in the right direction .. THANK YOU!! Cheers Hilary

  4. @ Bunny — Thank you. Enjoy the journey!

    @ Ivana — You do a great job inspiring others and staying “on path.” Keep setting the bar and pushing the bar.

    @ Andrzej — Thank you. That 25th hour will be in the last place you look 😉

    @ Karl — Thank you. You know your way around the blogosphere, so I’m flattered this is the best list you’ve seen this year.

    It still feels like I’m just getting started, but I’m going to flap my wings a bit harder now. Hilary made a great point on an earlier post that I should share more of the resources I use, so I’m pumping it up.

    @ Hilary — I must have left the window to my mind open, and you’re peeking in 🙂 One of the lists I have on my plate is a Ted Talks list.

    I’m lucky that so many people have sent me their favorite Ted Talks over the years. Now I need to sort through them, and create a useful catalog I can share more broadly. I have so many favorites. I’m actually looking forward to this list now!

  5. Hi JD .. thought the TED talks might feature .. and they’re such an amazing mix .. looking forward to them sometime .. Hilary

  6. Hi JD:

    Thanks for taking the time to put together this great resource. I appreciate being included amongst such great company. Best wishes for continued success JD.

  7. @ Hilary — It looks like the Ted talk index will take me longer than I thought. I have a short-set, but I want to take a step back and make a bigger map too. I think it’s worth having a more complete math.

    @ Mike — Thank you. It was a fun process of mapping out the space. I like the way you continuously flow value in the leadership space.

  8. Hi JD .. yes – I can understand that .. and I’ve only seen a few – been tempted by so many .. !

    Please be my guest as far as the maths is concerned .. my side of the Atlantic!

    Whatever direction it takes .. the index will be great ..

    Have you seen the one I commented on recently under Success .. TED: Benjamin Zander: Classical Music, Passion and Shining Eyes? cheers Hilary

  9. Thanks JD .. it is excellent isn’t it .. Shining Eyes .. and the quotes on Success .. love them. Thanks for coming back to me .. Hilary

  10. Knows the way,goes the way, shows the way. I LOVE it!! It sounds so simple but it makes sense. And goes right along with integrity, balance and joy, as Barrie wrote over at Tess.’

    Maybe I can be a leader too!! I’m on my way, I think. With my songs, I am going and showing, the knowing is being worked on!

    And as a mom I am doing good too, I think!



  11. @ Jannie — Maxwell has a knack for pithy prose with pop. I find his books are sticky because of his one-liner reminders and insights.

    Leadership in you runs strong … I’ve sent multiple musical friends to your blog to model from the path you paved. You also are a path paver of fun, and the world needs more of that, and it’s a deeper reminder that there’s one, and only exactly one, Jannie Funster.

    @ Ron — You have a solid blog with beautiful wisdom. Thank you.

  12. Great list, JD! I have run across a few of these sites in my own search for fellow bloggers who write about leadership and management. Your list is more comprehensive, however. I will spend some time checking them out and expand my blogroll list.



  13. Very kind of you indeed, and much appreciated, to include my site among such truly deserving ones.

    Thank you, and best wishes for you, yours, and your endeavors during this holiday season and in the New Year.

  14. Hi JD,

    Thank you for including me on your list of leadership blogs! This is very kind of you and I appreciate being in such great company. Have a happy holiday and a wonderful 2011. I will be checking in with you and referring my students to your blog.

    Best Regards,


  15. […] lists of regular reading, Managing Leadership is proud to have been included among a list of “insightful leadership blogs” compiled by the very gracious J.D. Meier, author of Sources of Insight. Please stop over to […]

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