Lucky, Gifted, and Focused



The right words can help lift us and operate at a higher level.

We’re more than our words, but our mental mantras and one-liner reminders can help us dig a little deeper and reach a little further.

As I was watching a Samsung commercial, the words they used echoed in my mind:

“Lucky, because I never give up.”

“Gifted, because I don’t take short cuts.”

“Focused, because I see past the finish line.”

“Fastest, because speed is my competition.”

“Legend, because I am one step ahead.”

They remind us of the price of success, and what it takes to go beyond.

Beyond our own limits.


  1. And it is the absolute truth, JD. I’ve found this works for me: The harder I work, the luckier I get!

    What an excellent post to wake up to.

    You always inspire and motivate.

    Love, Vidya

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