Make Plenty of Miss-Takes


Rob-White - v2 Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Rob White on how to embrace miss-takes as a part of your journey.

Rob is an author and explorer of the mind.  He inspires minds at and Rob is the author of the book, 180: Climbing the Two Ladders to Inner Strength and Outer Freedom.

I asked Rob to write a post on one of the most important lessons he learned in life.  One of Rob’s strengths is painting ideas with words in a lyrical way that makes you think, or re-think, as the case may be.

Just when you think you have your world figured out, Rob comes along and challenges you to see with new eyes, or listen with new ears, or feel with a new heart, to help you take a look from the balcony, from the inside out, and crank up your perspective to a whole new level.

Without further ado, here’s Rob on making mistakes as a way to grow and prosper …

Here is the greatest tip I can give anyone who is interested in fully realizing their potential: needed answers shine at the right and perfect time when you stop pretending you already have them.


Here is what an aspirant does with this tip: he commits to making as many miss-takes as necessary to get the answers needed to achieve his aspiration.

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There is a caveat when committing to making miss-takes: don’t make the same exact miss-take – you should learn something from it, and improve on the next re-take of the miss-take.

The process of self-growth is simply a matter of re-taking a miss-take while envisioning a successful outcome. It is part of the growth and development process to miss the mark more than once, that is if your challenges are worthy ones.

  • It is part of the ‘path of victory’ to go astray and then find one’s way.
  • It is part of self-integrity to commit to making miss-takes in order to get answers that one needs to advance.

Life is forever moving. There are no static instances. There is never exact sameness in two consecutive moments. So, what is a person to do? Higher lessons and fabulous victories are offered to those who are willing to fail forward, are willing to place winning over protecting their vanity.

It’s a big error to commit to making no errors. This means you’re unwilling to take risks. The only way you arrive is to go astray. A right response to errors (miss-takes), is to quiet the mind and let the error tell you the answer it contains. With each answer, you come closer to the outcome you desire.

Intelligence is vulnerable to miss-takes. Intelligence is also more interested in correcting than protecting its old point of view. When you are being intelligent, you are being flexible, you are being spontaneous, you are being open minded, you are being courageous. You are also being vulnerable to looking foolish at first. What a thrill!

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It is possible to turn any miss-take over to your intelligence; let it search out the answers for corrections. You cannot do this if you secretly claim you already know the answers. Choose to be open minded when you’re ignorant. Stick with that choice, and a whole world of answers will flock to your side.

For every person who sees the beauty in making miss-takes, there are 10,000 who do all they can to avoid them. This is why so few win, and so many fail in life.

What say you to this post?

What will you do with it?

In what domain of your life are you allergic to miss-takes?

In what domain do you love making miss-takes while eagerly anticipating answers?

Blessings, rob

You can find out more about Rob White at, and you explore and unleash your potential through his book, 180: Climbing the Two Ladders to Inner Strength and Outer Freedom.


  1. Hello Rob,

    This post speaks a lot to me.

    I’m careful…sometimes too careful. I’m learning that a mess up doesn’t mean failure. It means a lesson to better prepare me for the next try; the retake.

    What this information does for me is gives me the “okay” to take more risks and not stay close to safeness.

    In times where I’ve had to figure out things from scratch, the only way I was able to complete whatever I had in front of me was by trial and error…and a lot of it. When I learned how the coding side of wordpress, this was the case. But I made mistake after mistake, each one fine tuning the next re-take, leading me closer and closer to the result I was after. Now if I can just approach everything in this manner!

    Thank you Rob

    Hello J.D. – thanks for hosting this guest post.

  2. Hi Jk. Unfotunately, most of us are taught that a ‘mess up’ is failure. This message rings loud and clear with the 60,000 NO’s we hear between age two and six. Make miss-takes because it is a ‘right move’ toward the outcome you seek, and higher lessons are learned. blessings

  3. Hey Rob,

    There’s a famous (almost cliche now) quote from Wayne Gretzky: “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” From sports stars to entertainment moguls to writers to politicians, there aren’t many success stories that arise without “miss-takes.” How many people have written books about early career decisions that didn’t pan out, and when they changed them (sometimes multiple times), something just clicked. Sometimes, you have to find your niche. Usually we have an idea where it lies, but even then we have to get a few hard knocks to learn where we should really be putting our efforts. Thanks for the reminder, my friend.

  4. Hi Rob, what a lovely surprise to find you over here. Thanks for hosting JD:)

    I totally agree with this but unfortunately I do make the same mistakes over and over again sometimes before I finally get the lesson.

    Something to do with the timing or repeat lessons maybe!

  5. Hi Bryan. Finding one’s niche, can be a bitch when we refuse to make miss-takes along the way. YES, YES, YES. When seeking, we must also take care not to flip from one wrong turn to another. Thank you.

  6. Hi Annabel. INDEED, making the same exact miss-take is like inviting in enemy soldiers who dress up like friends who are subtly working at getting to you quit. Be wary! I know this well. blessings

  7. Great to “meet you”, Rob. The miss-takes concept is so powerful. While I think I’ve been blessed in the acceeptance and learn mode by owning my own, this new way of viewing “miss-takes” will forever boost my courage and help me to continue to lean in.

    I’ll be reading you more. Many, many thanks.


  8. Rob, your posts remind me of when we’re driving to a destinaton we’ve not been to before, let’s say somewhere we’ve always wanted to go. We’re excited and fired up when we leave and head off. After a while we get lost or take a wrong turn and become disorientated but never lose heart. The goal, the final place, the one we long to reach keeps us going never thinking we won’t get there. We know it’s only a short slip up and remain determined to get back on the road again. Soon, after stopping to check out where we are and where we need to aim for we’re off again and find the route and the signposts. WE are the map, we have the internal focus compass if we use it, we can’t make errors because we’re forever heading home and on a path to our personal destiny. See you on the road somewhere Rob!

  9. Hi Betsy. Anyone who can be told that she is on the wrong path can set herself on the right path. You can be told. Few are willing to listen (that’s why so many are lost). Love what you are doing for yourself, it will pay you richly. Thank you.

  10. Hi john. You are on a roll with this comment. It is a happy day when someone begins to see ultimate reality, not his own model of rality (which is often fraught with errors). You are such a someone. Are you having a happy day? Just as darkness can not put out a fire, miss-takes cannot put your inner compass off kilter, can it. blessings

  11. rob,
    Good one!
    Reminds me Nike commercial with Michael Jordan where he counts all his multiple miss-takes concluding “That’s why I am successful”
    Liked it.

  12. Hi Alik. What makes Michael Jordan extrarodinary is that he asks sensible questions about any endeavor in which he gets involved. I’ve been told this by a close friend of his. A sensible question is any question that inquires into the fundamentals. Jordan understands well the importance of looking at miss-takes to see what went fundamentally wrong. blessings

  13. @Rob: Thanks for the encouragement. One of J.D.’s mantras from Getting Results is to “Fail Fast”, then course correct. Adopting this strategery has saved me countless hours of analysis paralysis. Whether it’s an investment or a career decision or lunch, I make it a point to learn from my choices.
    @Bryan: I was going to cite the very same Gretzky quote: “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take”. Cliches become superfluous, but this is timeless.
    @Annabel: Ha-ha! I can be a slow study, too.

  14. Hi Jimmy. I remember once losing over a million dollars on one real estate development decision. The reward of having made such an incredible miss-take was the departure of impulsiveness. Never again have I been impulsive when analyzing a development deal, and the consequences have been incredible over the years. I fell fast, and I coursed correct quickly. Explore this principle with the zeal of an adventurer and you will be startled with the results you will get over time. Falling fast and course correcting quickly is more than a clever statement (as I suspect you are learning). blessings

  15. I seem to be wary of mis-takes with this new illness – it is just so getting in my way and then I am getting in the way of my intelligence…

    When I am not ill, I feel, I call myself wise…
    risks are me
    try and try again
    get up and dust yourself off
    try everything and let go of what does not work

    I hate sleeping so many, many hours, because I have so many things I want to do…

    But answers are coming to me…I just had a big time coach get on the phone from 3K miles away and call me because of a comment I made on his blog post…and he answered my question about why my SEO words are not working…he has the same problem with it and he hires someone to do it for him…It was such a relief…Now I know I need to find the funds to do that and then a great person to do that…

    So I come to JD’s site to learn and learn…intelligent place to come and I drop into Mind Adventures…
    And so many people are sending me books to review…If more people would come to my site more people would purchase the books and I would have $ to hire some help..

    OPEN Open…but not even my eyes, as I sleep and sleep so many hours away..I think it is a miss take that I got this virus, even though I am handling it with intelligence and the best seller has already been writing about how to cope with this…?

    Good words Rob…and Thank you JD

  16. Hi Patricia. All great philosophies teach the same thing in different words: “To lose yourself is to find it.” It seems you are learning this lesson. The meaning of this is becoming increasingly clear to you. You must let go of what you falsely believed is true about you, in favor of a feeling of wholeness which has always been available. As you continue to get yourself out of your old life, you will find a new life waiting for you, and will have have plenty of all that you dream of having. Really. Think often about the meaning of this. blessings

  17. Hiya Rob,
    Making miss-takes is a part of life. The ego or little me is the part of us that tends to want to take it safe and never try anything new.

    Making mistakes in life is going to happen to all of us. Great post!

  18. Hi Justin. what you have said is right on target. Might I add, “only a frustrated person is ready to make changes, unfortunately many people choose to feel defeated rather than frustrated.” Frustration is actually a great feeling – it’s saying that you’ve missed the mark, but it’s not saying that you will always miss the mark. Defeat is saying that you will always miss the mark. blessings

  19. Hi Rob .. miss-takes are mistakes in the making – we have to do .. there’s no point on sitting on our backsides waiting for life to come to us .. go try, experience the action, those experiences are our assets as we move …….?theoretically! towards wisdom.

    Our backsides absorb those subliminal messages … not good for us, our families and our life .. life is for living those miss-takes – laugh and make over …

    Thanks JD – great to have Rob to post .. cheers Hilary

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