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cover for getting results

“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee

I wanted to share with you that I will have a new cover for my book, Getting Results the Agile Way.

My book is a personal results system for work and life.  Do more with less, use your strengths, and flow more value. It helps you quickly master motivation, productivity, and time management.  That’s a powerful trio.  But it’s so much more than that.  It helps empower you to write your story forward.  In fact, the elevator pitch in the halls is:

“It’s a simple system for meaningful results.”

It’s also a book of “fresh starts.”  Get a fresh start each day, each week, each month, each year.  And, it’s a book about winning.  Think in terms of three wins for your day, three wins for the month, and three wins for the year – this lets you zoom in and zoom out so you can take a look from the balcony, or get tactical and make things happen.  It’s all about helping you make your best moves, in the game of work, or in the business of life.

The new cover will feature a minimalist approach and a symbol.  The symbol will intuitively appeal to some as a loop of continuous learning, and to those in the know, the Enso is a symbol of enlightenment.  The clean, while, simple cover will better reflect the simplicity and elegance of Agile Results.

The idea behind the cover is to reflect an unfolding journey as we write our story forward.

The Back of the Book

The back of the book will be updated too.  It will have a simpler message that reflects what I’ve learned in telling and selling the story of Agile Results.  It will also have more whitespace, for a fresher, cleaner, look.


It’s worth updating the cover because there is more time ahead of the book, than behind it.  It’s what we call an “Evergreen” book, meaning that it’s a book of timeless wisdom, insight, and action.

Depending on how things go, the new cover should be available in October.   I don’t know if the current blue cover will become a collector’s item, but I’m going to buy a box of books, just in case.

You can read the reviews for Getting Results the Agile Way on Amazon, and you can watch a video, and explore free articles on mastering time management, productivity, and motivation at Getting



  1. Great piece!

    Doing more with less is about prioritizing – to many people spend so much time on the “wrong” things, instead of going directly to what they know they should do.

    Kind Regards

  2. @ David — Thank you.

    Surprisingly, as simple as the Enso looks, it was very difficult to create one that I was happy with. It was a lot of back and forth with the artist, and I think I drove them nuts. I’m happy with the final result.

    @ Mads — Prioritizing and focus are definitely part of the solution. The other way is to use your best energy for your best work. The big game changer happens when you get clarity on what’s valued.

    Even doing a little of something valued, wins over doing a lot of something that is not valued.

    And “value is in the eye of the beholder” 😉

  3. That’s a beautiful cover. I am a fan of being minimal. The book itself is excellent and I am enjoying it tremendously. Not just enjoying it, but taking tips to practice and make life better! Thanks! 🙂

  4. @ Vidya — Thank you. It sounds like you are really making the most of the book, and making the most of you … great job.

    @ Glenn — Thank you.

  5. JD –

    You’ve managed to synthesize some of my favorite (7 Habits is one) bits of productivity/goal setting ideas into one system. One thing I really miss about using PlanPlus (software that guides you through the 7 Habits weekly process) is the coaching and walk throughs. Barring developing your own software, have you ever considered doing a webinar or video about how you do this?

  6. @ Isadore — I have been doing talks on the system but I haven’t made a video yet.

    I do see how making a video and doing a few webinars would really help. I may look into this more deeply in October.

  7. JD,
    The enso circle is a favorite of mine – for just that – the concept of enlightenment. Anyway – love the simplicity (and meaning) of the new cover!

  8. @ Lance — Thank you.

    I’m really looking forward to the fresh, clean look … it should be soon, very soon.

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